Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why do this to your baby?

See this baby? He is crying b/c he has a diaper rash. Wonder why I'm posting this? Because M had a rash the other day and I felt the need to let you know what I put on his cute little fanny. There are several creams I've shown here, some BURN a baby's bottom and some DON'T. My important news is this...........DO NOT EVER USE THE CREAMS THAT CONTAIN ZINC OXIDE BECAUSE IT BURNS THEM OH SO TERRIBLY. It is fine to use cream that contains zinc oxide ONLY if they don't have a rash and it's used as a preventative against diaper rash.
Clear Desitin is GREAT if they have a RASH and does NOT burn. Would you want someone to put something on you that burns? No, I think not.

This was wonderful on his bottom and did not burn. Burt's Bees Res-Q-Ointment. I also use this on cuts, cuticles and my lips.

Balmex Clear is another nice option for when they have a RASH. No burning.

If the cream is WHITE, it probably contains zinc oxide and will burn your baby's tush. I learned this several years ago w/ my first. Poor L was my guinea pig, sorry son.
This post is for any mommy that still has a baby in diapers............I'm just speaking for the babes that can't tell you what to do, ok.

I love you folks and the welfare of your baby's bottom,


The Rambler said...

thanks for the tip....

I'm thinking back to all the times she may have NOT liked it....which is very few but still. How does a little infant tell you something that makes sense right? Poor lil guys.

Jennifer P. said...

We still deal with diaper rash around here--so I'm glad to know! I don't want to burn my poor baby's bum!

And I am now an official follower!
Thanks for invite :)

Kacey R. said...

My friend Erin says the Burt's Bees is the best too. I learned the hard way about the zinc oxide with Ryder. Poor little guy. Good info to get out there my dear!

Another natural thing to use is baking powder. I know it sounds a little cooky, but if the Twinkies are just a little red or irriated it usually takes it away.

Rosemarie said...

Only one of my girls really gets diaper rash - and I swear by my A&D. It works wonders!

AND - thanks so much for the award! I gladly accept and I will pass it on.

Michelle said...

I am so glad you posted this!
Luke had a sever diaper rash and burn not that long ago. I didn't know about this and put the white on him. It was awful! I wanted to cry. That stuff is hard to get off too. I put him in a bath with corn starch. That really helped!

jen said...

I put Boudroux's Butt Paste on everything. It's never let me down.

Anonymous said...

Don't have to deal with diaper rash around here. But my BFF has a baby so I'll pass the info along. :o)

The Brown Box said...

I love that the one from burts bees you can put on the butt and the lips:)!!!

Miss Jumper said...

I'll make note of this for when I have a baby in 2123. Have you tried Butt Paste? People I know swear by it.
Now, does this look like a rash to you.....*ziiiip*

Katy said...

Oh, Miss Jumper. Thank you for commenting. I'm sooo happy!!