Friday, October 31, 2008

Cleaned House....took pics. for Proof

Crazy house this morning! B and I took the house by surprise and got her all picked up. B's room was the worst, it looked like baby dolls, pink blankets, and girlie clothes had exploded in her room.

I painted these to match the bunk bedding. (not while I was cleaning though....)

Bunk nice you look all made.

B playing in the boys room.
-Let me remind you B, that we're cleaning, not playing.

Poor girlie closet, I'm sorry she messed you up. We'll get you lookin new again.

Woooooa! Hold on here, what happened. *Look how cute she has some little outfits set out on her bed....don't mind though that they're for SUMMER.*

Check out the poor baby doll laying face down on the floor, she's even embarrassed.

Oh, mama! Nice and clean again.

Thank goodness it all came together again. B, next time let's put up as you play. (yea, right)

Thursday, October 30, 2008



OH, My golly! How cute can it get? Wow is all I can say. Go here, take a peek, gander....I want these little skirts and shirts for my little B girl.

dark nails for little handles

As soon as B saw my newly painted goth nails, she asked me to paint hers. I love her little handles, they are so sweet...see that thumb, she still sucks it (almost 4 yrs. old). I rarely paint that thumb b/c of the thumb sucking, but she begged for me too.
When B was born she had "trigger thumb", the thumb was bent and stuck at the knuckle. I didn't even notice it for about a week after bringing her home from the hospital. I took her to a hand surgeon and he said the tendons were frozen; which caused the thumb to not move out of position. He also said to come back in a year b/c they work themselves out sometimes. Well, little sister began sucking her little trigger thumb soon after and she worked it out. I remember nursing her every evening before bed and I would sit and rub and pull on her thumb while she was relaxed...that may have helped as well.
I just love little hands and feet! Don't you? Have a loverly day ya hear, kb

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Punkie Pumpkin Carving

I love pumpkin carving, I look forward to it every year. My favorite outcome (other than the jack-o-lantern) are the seeds. Love the seeds. I just pulled them out of the oven and they smell yummy! Off to let them cool and put them away...will let the kids eat them in the morning.

Little B thought it was yucky...but learned to like the inside of Mr. Punkie.

J and kids pulling the yuck out.

Can you find 4 faces? Glowing punkie.

Mama had to go for the goth dark polish look this evening after all the punkie just felt necessary. (although the lighting makes the polish look burgundy, it is SO not...more blackish brown)

Coach Purse Giveaway

Lianna from Be Thou a Knight, is giving away a Coach purse this week on her blog to raise money for her IVF fund! Please click here to go over to her blog to enter to win. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is what I'm feeling like for tomorrow....

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Halloween Bunko!

Last night was our monthly Bunko mtg. (FUN TIMES!!) Half of us dressed up, the other half chose not to.....they were cute anyway. I LOVE love LOVE this fun group of girls, we have some wacky times and lots of juicy talk. (he he)

Our lovely cast of characters from left to right...
Punk Rock Mom, Jane (from Tarzan), Hot Cat Mama, Slumber Party Katy, Alice in Wonderland (holding sweet pink child) and behind them (sorta hiding) is Pregnant Nun. *stop hidin girl*

Waiting to hear who gets the prizes for the night. (the kids had just gotten there...they weren't there during our "mom time")

Punk Rock mom got best costume of the eve. Way to go crazy woman!!

Sorry Jane.....your picture slipped down here and I could'nt pull you back up with the rest of us, my apologies

Hi wild woman Jane! Love ya

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

My friend and fellow blogger, K.Bo tagged me. (K.Bo- I don't know how to put your name here, so that it takes people directly to your blog....I also know that you have to be "invited" to view your blog....why am I posting this instead of writing directly to you?....ok, I'm done.)

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

facts, randomness, and some weirdness about moi...
1. One of my nicknames is "Katy Turtle" since preschool days.
2. I LOVE green olives
3. I have a teaching degree
4. I get nervous about plans that I make or places that I have to be....(I use to not be this way.) Sometimes my throat feels like it's closing up just thinking about a commitment that I've made.
5. I love the smell of a freshly clean baby...the lotion, the baby powder, the sweet pajamas! *cute*
6. One of my dreams has always been to be on Saturday Night Live.
7. Something that I would love to do AND get a personal shopper.

People I'm tagging.....remember, I still don't know how to leave you a link with their name....

Miss JC
Multislacking Mama
More Wine Please
Barely Keeping It All Together
Mad About Matthews
Ragamuffining Around
Sorta Crunchy

Don't really think these links here above will work, but let's just see!

My Sweet Son

This evening we were watching a movie on the Disney channel, there was a commercial for Pro Active (acne cleansers) and L was insisting that I watch it.
L- "Mom, hurry look..listen to what the lady is saying."
Me-"What honey, ok I'll listen."
L- "I really want to get that stuff, you put it on your spots and the next day they're gone and you look better."
Me-"L, you don't need that have beautiful skin, it's for older people."
L- "But mom, it will make me look better and I don't want to wait to look better....I want it now."
Me-"L you look perfect right now the way you are....let's just not worry about this right now."
L-"Ok, let's just sit here and watch this show...but mom I do want that stuff someday, ok."
*Children are so sweet and innocent aren't they.*
My grandmother's funeral went very well and it was nice seeing some of my family that I hadn't seen in quite some time. It was also nice getting to be with my family that I do see often. Jeff, my mom, dad, sister and I stayed up very late on Tuesday cooking (until 1:30). We had so much fun laughing and carrying on, I'm pretty sure we were delirious....everything seems funny when you've been up for too long. I love those moments of laughing and spending time with loved ones. Everyone should have more time to do that, shouldn't we. With that said, have a wonderful Monday and make the best of what life gives you this week.
Mamalish: It was WONDERFUL spending time with you funny was it watching our kiddies play together.
Miss JC: I had a blast with you....and please smile and don't be hatin me right now. I love you!
Michelle: Wish I could've seen you. I was wiped out and didn't feel like going out on Sat., I feel sad that I didn't get to see more of my Chi-O sisters.
Goodnight yall. Love, KB :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Giveaway

My goodness, so many giveaways lately!! If you wanna see some really cutey cute jewelry go check some out at . She is giving away something called a "wish" necklace. Cute, go see it...K.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Give away you should indulge in

Go'll like it!!!! lovey, kb

be back soon

I haven't posted in a few days because I've had a lot going on, but will be back to reality on Monday....maybe Sunday evening. Hope all you fellow bloggers/friends are doing well. Have an OH SO wonderful weekend ya hear!
Lovey to you, KB

Monday, October 20, 2008


My grandmother passed away yesterday and my sister wrote down some things on her blog that are too sweet. If you'd like to take a stop by her blog, go over to Miss JC (at the right under my bloggers) and read. Thank you sis for putting down some nice memories. Love you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Break in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Fall time in Eureka Springs is absolutely beautiful! The Ozark Mountains are an array of red, orange, green and brown right now. What a perfect time of the year to visit. As you can see below by looking at the landscaping it is so inviting. The colors and the smell of fall, it doesn't get any better than this.
The pumpkins and gourds are spray painted fun, fall colors.
Gammy (my mom) and B going on a trolley (my kids call it Charlie) ride.

Downtown in E. Springs.

B and L standing on the balcony at the Crescent Hotel.

The Crescent Hotel is a well known spot for ghost....spooky, but fun.
I have been on a ghost tour here with my sister before, good times.
(we have orbs in our pics. to prove it)

Sitting on a cute Alice in Wonderland painted bench. B looks so happy doesn't she?

Looking out from my van as we drive up the steep downtown street.

More pretty landscaping that I had to take a picture by.

Cute little bridge all Halloweened out w/ spider webs.

Miss JC (AKA: Aunt Sissy) with baby M.

Our cute little cottage that we stayed in called Sherwood Court.

HAPPY FALL to Yall! If you don't have your fall decor out yet, do it now. Here in a bit we are off to our local pumpkin patch to hunt and gather. Enjoy the rest of the weekend my friends!
love to you, KB

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, I finally get to tell the story. I'm using Jeff's laptop AGAIN.

This past Saturday I was headed to my sister in laws house, she lives about an hour and a half south of me. I got the kids loaded, presents in the car, my queso dip ready ...blah blah blah.

{let me first preface this by saying that we were going for my nephew and baby M's first b-day party and I was cooking the queso dip in my crockpot b/c I have outlets in my Toyota Sienna van}

With that all said.... I am feeling pretty good about myself, I had great music playing, good conversations with my kids, I could smell the queso cooking, so on and so forth. About 45 min. of great driving and queso smelling and good song he comes, A DANG highway patrolman. I didn't even know I was speeding, so when he came to the window I asked why he pulled me over. "Well, mam you were going 60 in a 45 mph zone." He went back to his car and was there for quite some time. In the meantime I called my friend, another hwy. patrolman and we talked for a while and he stayed on the phone with me until ol' dude came back. Long story short I offered the ol' dude some nachos and he let me go. (ok, no nachos ...I did get a little ticket and was on my way). Get to the party, it went back home several hours later and I run over a poor cat, I shed some tears and went on home.
Now, let me just tell you that I was going to add lots lots more to the story, but I've been waiting to tell the story for 2 days now and I just aint got the creative juices flowing.
Another thing: My freakin sister is sitting here with me right now making fun of my every word and my durn husband told me earlier to grow up. I think he might have a corn cob stuck up ....ya know. sometimes when i get w/ miss jc I just can't help my immaturity.

Love you people....kb
Hey...mamalishey, come up here and be weird w/ us.

P.S. Miss JC is correcting my grammar, punctuation and word choices...I won't let her mess with my page b/c I'm seriously high on life right now and don't care enough to change nuthin. (she just rolled her eyes)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Go to Nina's Blog

I know, I know I haven't started my story yet....I promise I will tomorrow. (If my computer didn't part of the day).

Anyway, go to Nina's blog....go to the blogs I follow over to the right and click on her. She's fun AND she's giving something away. So, don't delay...go see her already!!

see you tomorrow friendly's!! KB

{I need to learn how to put the name of the blogger in the text where you can just click on it and go there.}

kitty pics. (look below)

What EVER! I posted some kitty pictures and they are posted like a wrote them a couple of times ago. anyway....scroll down and you'll see them.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mr. Caramel face

This story doesn't get any prettier....just look at that face. I guess the caramel dip that his big brother was eating earlier with apples got pushed off on the floor. I was sitting in our den when baby M. waddles into the room holding the little cup of caramel and it was ALL over him. (from head to toes, I'm tellin ya) Off to the bathroom we go, but first I have to chase him b/c he's running from me laughing his little head off. As he's running he's touching everything in our house and getting sticky everywhere. FINALLY, we get to the bathroom. M heads straight for the step stool, I start the water in the tub and look down and OH MY......complete YUCK!!! My kitten (whom has had a bladder infection) has pooped near the drain in the bathtub. I about gagged and immediately run to the kitchen grab the comet and a small trash bag. In the meantime, big brother is watching baby M. just to make certain that he doesn't fall off of the stool. I begin the cleaning process get tub clean and give my baby man a bath.
He was quite impressed with himself as you can see.....but wait this happened Friday, just wait to hear what happened to mama on Saturday. to be continued.........

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm too tired to even CARE

I have been trying out several diff. templates and even downloading some from sites. I cannot find one that is fitting, so I'm off to bed. When you get to the point of feeling like you're going to slam your face through the computer screen then it's time to stop. Goodnight all! loverly eve to ya

Ralph Lauren- please don't be hatin!

Hi gals and guys! Here's my thought...if I take pictures of my master bedroom (in all of its dismay) and post them on my blog then I'll be more likely to get it finished (or started). Just a thought here friends. Maybe if I embarrass myself enough by showing you these pics. then it will be the perfect kick in the rear to get me started. Here we go....

You can clearly see that I have approximately 4 diff. colors on the wall. Sad, but I had to put them on the wall so I would know what looks best. I'm liking the darkest blue to the right of the window.

More shots of the bed areola (yes, I said that b/c I think it's funny).

Not the arrangement of furniture that I'm going for, it's just where it is for now. See the thingy on the wall above the blue chair, that is an intercom system. It doesn't work, so I normally have the tall chest in front of to cover. (I'm clever like that) See the doors behind the blue chair, the ones' leaning up against the wall? Those came off of my curio cabinet and will eventually be put on either side of my windows above the sleigh bed. (and they'll get a nice coat of fun paint)

My entire built in vanity was all white, but I pulled the drawers out and started painting the background the khaki color (i think it's actually called bamboo). I kinda liked the depth it gave.

Here is a built in ....well, I'm not sure what to call it. Maybe curio cabinet b/c it had doors on it, but you couldn't see what was behind the doors and I kinda wanted to show stuff off in there and make some use out of it. The pictures currently in there are not happy, they want to look better and not so cluttered, but for now they will be ok. My thought paint the background of the curio thing the blue that I paint my walls, for the whole depth thing.

Another look at the curio thing. Yes, the picture is blurry and let me tell you why. BECAUSE the camera was sad and getting really sick of looking at my bedroom.

Ok, I vented and I think it helped. If you have any ideas ----PLEASE please tell me what ya think or what you would do. I need all of the help I can get. Do my ideas sound ok or am I WAY off?

(for the guys reading this and you know who you are, you naughty nice, stay out of trouble and for the love of PETE...don't judge today's blog) p.s. love you

Lots of Loverly, KB

Don't you wish you had one of these?

My friend mamalicious asked for a pic. of my kitten, here she is in all of her Annie-ness.

She stalks me and stares at me, then tries to grab the mouse. Ironic: cat trying to get mouse

cute little face: she is called a Torby!
Is that not the cutest name....Torby is a Tortoise and Tabby combo. DARLING!

Our little chat on food

Thank you all for commenting on yesterday's food talk, that was fun. There were some fun "weird food" ideas that I'm going to have to try. Thanks again friends!!
KB loves ya

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What weird stuff do you eat?

(this is butternut squash risotto, not weird...but I needed a pic. of food)

Since I can remember I've always been coming up with odd concoctions to eat. My mom and sister come up with some dandy's as well. I will list off some the oddness and you comment back and let me know what kind of weirdness you have come up with before. You never know, we'll either be disgusted or we'll try it. Ok, here goes..

  1. Plain yogurt w/ Crazy Jane's mixed up salt (lots of it) all stirred in....then shove fritos down into the container and eat away. It's good.
  2. Popcorn with melted butter, Louisiana hot sauce and Parmesan Cheese. This is great and a staple at my home.
  3. Crackers w/ mustard and pickles on top, this was a fave. as a child.
  4. McDonald's burger dipped in sweet and sour sauce.
  5. Sauerkraut on about anything that will sit on your plate.
  6. Pizza with ketchup on it.....I don't do this anymore, but my friend Kristin got me to try it and it was a must for a while in high school.
  7. My daughter one day insisted that it's really yummy to dip Twizzlers in parmesan cheese. Totally disgusting, but whatever floats her boat I guess.

Let me in on your little dark secrets about food. Let's all unite as weird food eaters.

Love you lots, KB

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey BOB, Come to my house

I need, want, must have this BOB Revolution Duallie Jogging stroller. I have a Graco Duoglider and it is soooo hard to push when I'm trying to walk my kids here in town. It's ok for the mall, but I need something to exercise with that won't kill my back. If anyone knows of ANYONE that is wanting to get rid of theirs and wants me to buy it, I will. Please send them my way.
This is my last post for the evening, maybe even for tomorrow as well. Sleep well.
Lots of love, KB

Jeff did this landscaping about 3 years ago. This is a picture of it then. It was cute.

Here is the landscaping on the north side of my house NOW!.....I put the rocks around it myself. I collected the rocks when I was in high school, so I was excited when I found a place to use them. I'm thinking she's looking pretty nice, definitely makes this side of our house look loved.

So, what exciting D.I.Y projects have you done around your home? Please share.

KB Loves ya

Online Calendar

Ok, found this in Parents magazine and I've already signed up to use it. I'm feeling organized already. This is a digital online planner with lots of features from .

1. Keep track of each family members appointments, special events, etc.
2. journal
3. download pictures
4. grocery-list feature: If you forget your list, you can call an 800 number and they'll list the items for you over the phone or text you your list. (duh, this sounds awesome)

You will get email reminders. Ok, so try it out. IT'S FREE....did you hear that.....FREE!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thankful.....and feeling better

My baby looked up at me and let me know that everything was ok.

L and B fought outside and made a large mess.

B right after naptime with her colorstay lipstick and Annie the kitten.

Happy kids are enough to make a mom smile.

I just thought this was too much fun, so I had to post this picture with neighbor friend.

These are all of my reasons that I pulled myself out of my funk. MY CHILDREN!!!! Earlier I was about to pull my hair out and it was that time of the day, ya know...the dreaded all mom's know it "Bewitching Hour". The time right before dad gets home and dinner's not ready and they're CRAZY, WHINEY, NEEDY. I'm over it now and decided to post pics. of them because by golly I'm Thankful for them, their health, their sweetness, ya get the picture.

Thank you God for all of my many blessings!