Sunday, November 30, 2008

OSU/OU Bedlam Game

I had a blast at the game last night. OSU didn't win (sad), but it was a great game!
Jeff is on the the 35 yard line in the black.

Another pic. of me (duh)....didn't get many pictures last night, but that's ok. Hope you all had an eventful Thanksgiving weekend! Go POKES!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving: House "not" Cleaning

I know, this is about pitiful. I NEED/SHOULD clean the house, pick it up make it look nice. I have family coming here Thursday evening or Friday morning after our T-Day dinner and I want it to look nice for them. BUT I DON'T WANT TO, I want to paint and create things and play ribbon dress up with B girl.
L cleaned out his closet earlier and left this mess on his table....I think he thinks a fairy is coming around to pick it up for him. he he....what he doesn't know is that momma is gonna make him pick it all up here in a moment.

Do I really have to get busy! Seriously yall, it is NOT fun. Cleaning fairy..come help me!!

Mc just thinks it's funny and all he wants to do is eat pudding in the floor of his room and make pudding handprint crafts on the carpet. Why does he laugh at me when I get mad with him? It's not fair.

These are my three non-helpers today. They make fun of thy cleaning.
Hope you are all gonna have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! I know I will and hopefully I'm gonna get up right now and CLEAN! the end. You know I love ya

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend {One Night} Retreat in "A" town

Saturday after cousin J's big #5 birthday party (pics. to come on that) we headed to my parent's house in A town. As you can see we "tried" to take some family photos....our attempts were so so. It was a spur of the moment deal, like "ok, Jeff it's warm outside let's run out there and let Aunt Sissy take some pics. of us". No one matched or even looked good, but I thought it was the only chance to have someone take a pic. of us all together, so I took the opportunity. I figured if any of the pics. turned out decent then I'd turn them to black and white and no one would ever know that we didn't color coordinate in the slightest of ways and Jeff usually doesn't wear hats in pictures either....interesting that I didn't even notice that until halfway through the photo shoot.
The kids had so much fun playing in some of my mom's aprons (that she had as a little girl) and my old ones. They were funny and pretty much wore them 2 days straight. The funky furry hats are from cousin J's b-day party and L has worn the green one EVERY day since the party....he even wore it to bed the other night.
{My dad, they call him Bah and L wearing the hats.}
Samantha our other beloved dog had fun relaxing and watching the kids play...mostly relaxing though. Jeff and I have had her for 12 years.
In the midst of typing this I have the feeling that everything I have typed makes absolutely no sense and I think everything is a run on sentence. My thoughts in my head are even running together. Duh! ....that's how I feel right now. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your family, that's the most important thing. Love yall.

Dear blogging friends, I need my game back. I must get on top of things again. My mind is full of mush. At least my blog is looking all pretty, thanks to AquaPoppy!


Monday, November 24, 2008

We loved you Taco

Jeff brought Taco home in January about 4 years ago, just a couple of weeks before B was born. He was a year old, very sweet with our oldest son and ready for us to love him.
We left Saturday and came home Sunday afternoon and he was laying in his kennel dead. He was only five years old. He wasn't sick and we don't know what happened. Last night was very hard for us. L and B went outside to see him and L wanted to help Jeff bury him, he insisted on helping. We are going to build a cross for his grave tonight and put it next to where he is laying. My heart is breaking. L specifically asked for me to pray for him last night, we prayed and moved the kids to bed with us. It was hard seeing my two older children so upset, I couldn't take the pain away, so we all just laid there and held each other. Jeff told the kids that Taco was chasing birds in Heaven and I'm sure he's running as fast as he can. He loved racing cars that went up and down our street, he usually won. I bet God is having fun watching him, just as we did.
Taco, we loved you very much and enjoyed our time that we had with you. I'm sorry you had to leave us.

Friday, November 21, 2008


First I must show you a secret peek into my room so you can see some of the window treatment progress....ha, that's all you get. Remember, I'm full of trickery.

Next bit of news. I'M GETTING A BLOG-OVER!! That's right mama Katy is getting a bloggy lift....a tuck here, a pull there, and VOILA she'll look like new. I cannot wait to see the end result. I think it will be fab and I'm pretty sure everyone in the nation will want to come visit Fun with the Baker 5! Whatever, it's a stretch but it's fun to pretend. Speaking of pretending, why is getting married (or the thought of) so much fun in the "pretend" play world? I guess it's the whole dressing up thing. Here's a pic. of B getting ready for the big day...
Have a wonderful day and if you're not, then "pretend"! side note {if this doesn't help, that's was just a thought}
Love you guys! Katy

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We're almost ready!!!!...

Hope you're not getting absolutely sick with my master bedroom project. It will all be over soon and I'll have a final picture ready ....well hopefully soon. Jeff, the kids and I worked in there last night. Jeff put the curtain rods up, as you can see I had him put them up high (a little eye trickery to make you think the room is taller than it really is & so the window doesn't seem dwarfed once the window treatment is up). Oh, how I love trickery! I found the curtain rods on clearance at Hobby Lobby.
About the paint can arrangement. Don't you love and adore it? It is a "new" should try it, it gives your room a creative /eclectic feel. Believe me when I say that "everyone is doing it". Ha, that'd be funny.
The blue plates. My mom bought these for me, they are vintage and I think they're beautiful.....although, I'm not crazy about the arrangement. {must work on that}

Window treatment {aka:mistreatment}. The Nester inspired me to make these "no sew" mistreatments. They are silk dupioni w/ embroidered bees on them and I found the material on clearance for $2.00 a yard. I covered three windows, yea!! I must say that my kitchen feels much warmer.
Hope you are all doing wonderfully well. I wish that for you, if not. Love you all, Katy B
*Now, all I have to do is get bedding, make window treatments, and put more pictures up and I'm all done done. Well........are we ever "done" w/ decorating? NO, I think not.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She's doing a giveaway for her 100th post!!

Sarah at Monogram Chick is giving away a monogrammed scarf and mug! Don't delay hurry over there and enter to win! Please Please mention that I sent you and if you win, so will I. Now, wouldn't that be fun! Tell her Funwiththebaker5 sent you........please please! You DO NOT have to be a blogger to enter the contest.
Another tidbit. ...DO NOT forget to check out my previous post {below here} so you can check out the really fabulous items. Sometimes I'm a little tricky and I post more than once a day. Oh, Me!

I Found 2 of the CUTEST little places to shop at Etsy...go see them!!

Little boy outfit from theplaidgiraffe . It's easy to find girl clothing and not always so easy to find fun boy things {ya know, everything starts looking the same}, well that ends here. Don't leave those boys out, No WAY.... here's a cute one and she has many many more to choose from.
Hi friends! I was browsing the other day through Etsy and found these dresses and outfits. I thought it would be so nice of me to share them with you. The Christmas bulb dress is from bowbakery. You can put a turtleneck underneath, or a little tee, some tights, leggings, or jeans...the possibilities of cuteness are endless. She also makes bows {even custom ones} oh the sweetness.

Another bit of sweet is this little outfit. Have her put the age of your little one on the shirt, pick short or long sleeve and color of pant....they go up to size 6. I will have to get one of these for B to wear to her 4 yr. old b-day party in January....there are many different patterns to choose from, don't you love the ruffles on the rear. Outfit and more cuteness can be found here at theplaidgiraffe.

I bought this little black and polka dotty ensemble for my B girl and had her put together a custom bow to match. It is from the bowbakery as well. An outfit that can take her through the seasons.

Elephant outfit from the plaid giraffe. Love the fabric and elephant.
Have a great day and hopefully you can go have some fun shopping at Etsy! Great Christmas ideas.
Lots of Loverly, Katy
*Forgot to tell you a VERY important thing: The spotty dotty dress that I bought for B was ONLY $9.99......OH, YES IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!! I think she needs more. Duh*
Thank you Bowbakery for the great prices!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm thankful for this sweet baby!

Oh, baby M. What a happy little guy you are! Thank you for being in my life. Thank you Lord for bringing this sweet sweet child into our lives. Hugs and kisses from Mommy!

Kid Friendly Meals

We had vegetable/beef soup for dinner tonight, the kids liked it...but I think they're bored with what I cook. You can only make so many soups, pizza, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and french fries. What do you feed your kiddos that's easy and yummy? I need some extra kid friendly go to's stored away in my mommy recipe file.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Send some quick meals my way....ok, Thank you much!!
Love you, Katy

Friday, November 14, 2008

2 Things Every Mother SHOULD Have

These are a few of my favorite things.
I just finished cleaning 2 of my 3 car seats. They were bad, bad, yucky, crusty, smelly. Baby M's carseat smelled of spit up and had some nice crusty snacks in all of the little crevices. First off, let me tell you my new {all time fave.} stain remover.............Clorox Oxi Magic, I promise it is magical!! I have used it on everything and it works. Next, my other love is the Bissell Pro-Heat 2x deep cleaning machine. I really use this often on my carpet, even for spot cleaning........this is another must for mommy's. The Bissell is also nice to use on furniture and carseats. If you don't have children yet, you should register for these two items when you register for baby gifts. {good thought}
{The carseats that I have pictured are Recaro, they are wonderful.} Good day! Love you guys........Katy
P.S. Don't forget to see my previous post for some real eye candy.

Vintage Victorian's and a cool Black/White Store

Remember when we took a trip during Fall Break to Eureka Springs, Ark.? I've been meaning to post these pics. and am finally getting to them after a month of them resting in my picture file. Now that they've had some much needed sleep, it is now time for them to come out and show their beauty. My sister and I took a little walk through this all black and white store and I just couldn't help but LOVE everything. The owner told me that I could take the pictures, too bad I didn't take more. {thank you kind lady}
Looking at these pics. makes me want my house to look like, today I will slather white/black paint on everything sitting still. {not}

There is the kind owner lady, so nice. "Hey, love your store I want to live in it!!"

Cute little rocky cottage, let's go curl up by the tiny fireplace and have some hot cocoa or gourmet coffee. Grab that fuzzy plaid blanket, you know you want to.

Neat house, but I don't want to live in it....a little on the creepy side. This house was completely taken apart and moved from Tennessee (I think) and was put back piece by piece and placed where it is today. Interesting. The lumber was numbered so they knew what piece went where. Sounds time consuming to me.

I thought these white plates looked pretty here...just hanging out in the window box for passerby's to see.

Darling! I love the multi-colored Victorian homes. Sweet, reminds me of candy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look what Kacey gave AWARD!

Look you guys! I received an award from Kacey just now. Just to let you all know, this is my first award EVER. I am more thrilled than you can imagine, but more importantly it is the friendship that has developed via blogging. Thank you for thinking of me Kacey, I'm truly grateful for your kindness. We have been working on our Master Bedroom re-do's together and it has been fun. Hopefully sometime soon we will be able to finally show you pictures of our re-do's as we have both posted our "before" pics.

What does the award mean? Look below for the answer.

“This blog invests and believes in ‘proximity’[meaning that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy].”

Love you guys and thanks again for the award!!!!!!!!!- K to the Tee

Carpet pulled up, wallpaper ripped

asked me if I would post the pictures, so you guys got lucky. {I guess} The above picture is one of the bathrooms that I ripped carpet off of.....luckily they had not glued the carpet down like the other bathroom (grrr...) I did pull up the carpet in the other bathroom with lots of body power and very strong smelling glue removal. My dad worked almost an entire day w/ the glue removal and he almost passed out a time or two.......thanks dad! {love ya}. I still have some glue cleanup to do (from 3 yrs. ago), but at least the carpet is gondee.
The first wknd. in the new house (we've lived here for 4 yrs.) I took the old wallpaper off and put the toile up. Don't you just love the Sid Dickens plaques on the wall? I do. I also like that little boy jumping into the photo.

I took some of the wallpaper off here and have done nothing w/ it yet {i did this about 3 yrs. ago). The kids drew on the wall....they were trying to "pretty it up". I would like to rip it all down and paint {formal living room}.

Here is the lovely parquet wood flooring that was hiding underneath the carpet. I only ripped up a 3 ft. area. The wear of the carpet pad did damage to the floor. Would love to have the floors sanded and redone, but don't really want the entire house to be covered in sawdust. Uggh! Still don't have the solution yet. I know for sure I do not want to carpet it again. I wish it had never been covered. Sad.
Hope you're all doing well and staying warm. Jeff told me this morning that we might get snow tonight. Wo, cold!
Love you guys, K to the Tee
*Suggestions are welcome....what to do with floors*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giveaway at "Simplify"

These are about the cutest quilts that I have ever laid my eyes on. Darling darlingness is all I can say. Camille is giving away one of her quilts, so go on over and give her site a visit. -Katy

How daring are you when your hubby isn't home?

My mind is veering toward the "design" department or the lack thereof. On many occasions my husband has come home to ripped up carpet, a room rearranged, a room completely painted or what have you. I actually ripped up carpet we had in our bathrooms (yes, I said bathrooms ....yuck) while he was outside mowing. When he came back in we had newly tiled floors....well, new to us. I LOVE seeing what is under carpet, behind wall-paper,'s like finding a treasure. In our den we have parquet flooring underneath the carpet and I have a ripped up 3 ft. area to prove it. There are many projects in my home that have yet to be finished because of my creative imagination and curiosity that gets the better of me. Our master bedroom that I painted last week was while he was gone.
Here's where the word "daring" comes into play. I read a blog the other day about a wife/ mother that had granite counter tops put down while her husband was gone. Haaaaaaaaaaa, I couldn't imagine. I don't know if I envy her or what, but I did laugh. Maybe I should have that new flooring put down when Jeff is out of town next. (Before you have a heart attack, I'm joking Jeff.) I seriously just cannot imagine doing this, although it would be fun.
So, readers here's where you come in..............

*What do YOU do when your other half is gone?* (No it doesn't have to be a design story, but I would appreciate it if you kept it clean.....he he, thanks.)

P.S. If you are lucky I might just get snap happy and take some pics. of some of my half done home projects. What'dya think?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On a more positive note....I have a DATE!!

.........yes indeedy! He'll be arriving here shortly to whisk me away. His first name is Lysol and his last name is Can. Lysol Can will help me disinfect the house and any and everything that sits still. Yea for us. I think he's a keeper.

love k

Don't ever...

Well, baby M was throwing up on Thursday, B on Friday and Sat., I felt sick Sat. night into Sunday. Yea! Fun times. I was on the phone with my friend Christy yesterday and told her that L is probably the one that brings it home to us from school and I was surprised that he hadn't been sick yet, but on the other hand realized that his immune system is more built up than ours. I did mention that I probably shouldn't have said anything or brought L into it. Boy am I sad that I did b/c inevitably he is now sick w/ the tummy yucks. Don't be like me and bring up someone that is healthy and talk about how that are NOT sick. Just don't do it, ok.

P.S. I love helping out my babes and making them feel better, although I am feeling like a mama slave right now. Hope y'all are all having a great day! Tell the sickies to leave my house and yours too. Thanks in advance.

Love, KB

*Note: When I get a moment to think and breathe I will be posting on a non-sick issue, I think you'll like. *

Monday, November 10, 2008

For the Love of Shopping...ALERT ALERT!!


Before you go here you should check out the REALLY cute items below. I don't wanna feel like I wasted my time by posting the cute shiz-nit from earlier. Anyway the place I'm sending you is crazy blog friend, Kacey from Chronicles of a Mommy told me to go there and I DID and they have GREAT prices. Prices $$$$ Great Prices!!! We all love that don't we? Good times folks.

p.s. forgot to tell you today that i love ya, kb

Uh, oh....found another place that I must add. Go here for some nice discounts on several designer brand handbags, wallets and sunglasses.

Random/wonderful clothing items

*Darling Orange/White houndstooth coat....(Crewcuts). B would look FABULOUS in this... it's on sale

*Hunter green rollneck (Crewcuts). I've been in LOVE w/ the rollneck sweater since highschool. I had a navy one{J.Crew} in highschool (it was wool...wouldn't put my babies in wool though) and I wore it for years. About 10 yrs. of wearing it, I accidentally washed it in HOT water and my 10 month old son suddenly had a new sweater. {I know I said I wouldn't put a baby in wool, he did wear it though w/ a soft onesie underneath it.}

*Navy shawl collar fleece sweater. What guy wouldn't look hot in this? Love it. Sexy sexy! {J.Crew}

Cute cute. {Boden Kids}

Zebra/Green flats. {Boden} Wonderous and I'd like some.