Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saturday Night

I was leaving my sister in laws house and headed for my parents house about an hour and a half south. Baby M started gagging {I think from drainage in his throat} and then began throwing up all over himself, about 3 times to be exact. I pull to the nearest exit and head to a McDonald's/Convenient store...run into the bathroom w/ him and give him a mini bath in the sink, put clean pajamas on him and race him back to the car, clean up his carseat as best as I can, throw things that he had puked on in large trash bags.......get him back in carseat. Ok, I let out a big sigh........long sigh of relief and thank the nice couple who had just helped me sort things out w/ my big mess. The nice couple told me to drive carefully and have a Merry Christmas, I told them to do the same. I drove away carefully and called Jeff and told him we were headed to my parents {he was in a diff. town}. About 2-3 min. down the road, I change lanes and get SLAMMED by another vehicle. My car was out of control for a few seconds and the car that had hit me, I could hear it rolling and slamming with each roll. When it was over with and my van had stopped, I looked around the van to check on the kids. Thank the Lord they were fine, they weren't even crying...but I was and all I could say was, "Oh, my gosh" over and over again. The police started coming, the ambulances, the firetrucks...I kept asking about the other car and everyone kept saying that they were fine, they're ok. {I still don't know, I just assume they're fine} There are more minor details....but I'm not up for it now. I just want you all to know how very thankful I am for our lives being spared this past Saturday night. I thank the Lord that he watched over us. Please be careful as you travel this holiday season...YOU JUST NEVER KNOW and it happens so quickly. I'm having a hard time with the whole thing, so keep me in your prayers. Thank you, love Katy

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hi All...my little bye bye message, or maybe not

I know that I haven't been around here lately, but you all know the excuse. IT'S DECEMBER, WE HAVE 3 KIDS, BUSY TIME OF YEAR....YADA YA DA YA duh! Ok, with that said.....you may or may NOT hear from me for several days or weeks. Here's the reason or it might not be the reason.........I'm gonna hang with my family and do some family Christmas-y things. I might even blog some evening when my sister JC and I have had a little too much egg-nog, but then I might not. You just NEVER know.

I like all of you {unless if you're creepy and weird} and I want you to have a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New You Year! When I decide to come back to my favorite blog-land...maybe we can discuss the New You Year, ok. Love you more than my luggage {except my new favorite orange piece I just received}.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm not losing it

Just trying to get things done.

Christmas shopping, packing, laundry, feeding kids, changing diapers....ya, know all that mom stuff. Overwhelmed is how I'm feeling, but I'm trying to trick myself into thinking that I have all the time in the world so that I can stay calm. I also need to make something this evening for L's Christmas party at school tomorrow. Here's what I'm thinking...I could just wrap myself up in that pretty and soft blanket behind me and not think about any of it. No, No?!? This is what I'll really do............
1. Change clothes, put makeup on....look like a normal person.
2. Call the Jeff...have him pick up some items for me today and I'll get my things done here. Ok, that's logical thinking.
3. Wrap presents when young-ins nap this afternoon.

This just in. B told me she was going to get something to fix my hair with b/c she said my hair looks kinda disgusting. Nice thought coming from my 3 year old. {Thanks for keeping it real girl!}

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LP's Cowboy Birthday Party

L with his friends.
Jeff, baby E and Me.

Having a great time roping!

Aunt Sissy w/ our baby cousin E.

Cousin A with B....they had so much fun playing dress up! Aren't they darling.

Nini (Jeff's mom) and L.

Cowboy decorations........everything went very well. Everyone had a great time and the cake was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It was the best tasting cake EVER. Yum

The night before the birthday party ....L got a sled. {Baby M, Cousin J, B and L} He LOVES the sled and cannot wait until we get enough snow for him to use it. Fun times!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stop Looking at Me Swan

She's been in our family for.....hmmm, probably nine years. Miss Swan has been good to us, but have we been good to her? See those poppies that are tucked so nicely down her back? Those have been there for nine years as well. I have NEVER ever changed the arrangement and I'm sad for that. Miss Swan tries to help make our home look pretty and she begs for a seasonal change or at least a yearly change, but I let her down over and over again. {If you look really closely in the top picture to the right of the bottom white flower you can even see a little price tag, nice}........Do you see the orange handled screw driver in there as well? Who knows how long that's been in there, weeks, months, years..who knows. I think she needs a good rest in my closet, I think she's REALLY really tired.
Well, that's all you get folks. I hope you don't feel that your minute and a half was wasted, but that's all I have to talk about right now. Love y'all.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun Christmas Ideas {shopping or decorating}

I've posted many pictures of things I've saved on my computer that I thought were worthy enough to share. Some things shown are gift ideas and the others I just thought were neat, fun or pretty.

Those sweet little standing Christmas tree pillows are just so whimsical. As a child I remember loving little things like this. {Garnet Hill}

The gold earrings I just thought were pretty, these are from Anthropologie.

This mitten advent calendar I think is a definite must in a home, what child wouldn't think this was fun.!.! {Garnet Hill}

I just love these striped dishtowels. Nice, pretty dishtowels are always appreciated in my opinion. {Anthropolgie}

Hat........this newsboy style is very popular right now. I am wanting one (Santa, did you hear that?). You can find these at Target, but this one pictured is from Anthropologie.

Round Gold Initial necklaces, preciously preppy. {Anthropologie}

Exciting advent Elves...{Garnet Hill}. I love these little guys. I kinda wanna pick 'em up and kiss 'em.

I am in LOVE with scarves! Someone could get me one of these in every color under the rainbow and I would use them all. Scarves are as much a part of me as a good 'ol trusty puffy vest. I have a plaid scarf that my mother in law bought me a couple of years ago and I cannot find it. I'm deeply saddened and I miss it so.... Santa, again ..are you listening? {scarf:Anthropologie}

Stacking measuring cups that I would leave out on my counter because they're so pretty. Oh, the beauty of these. I would welcome these little sweeties into my home on any given day. {Anthropologie...are you seeing a trend here?}

Uh, duh! Did the tin man lose his boot?
Whatever?!...it's just too fun, not to show. (Southern Living)

Let's take a vote.
Would you want to walk up on this porch and stay the weekend with the folks that live here?
I don't know them, but I want to stay here. Those presents on the porch make me want to go in, plop down on their big ol' fluffy couch and drink coffee in my robe AND of course I'd be wearing my shearling house shoes.
I love you guys! Have a wonderful Sunday.
{picture of the lovely porch: Southern Living}

Friday, December 12, 2008

Want to laugh a WHOLE bunch!! follow me here...

Some of us sillies got together and came up w/ a blog! We are still working on LOTS of major tweeking.....ya know girl stuff, like making it pretty and such. We have our first post and people working behind the scenes. SO, stop by sometime and enjoy in the laughter........more laughter soon to come. go to this place- Pleeze Pass Tha Pees but Holde Da KoRn

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well wishes to Katy

I will be sitting here not feeling well today, hopefully I can go to the doctor and get some meds. Leave a little well wish and I'll try to visit you today! {{{hugs}}}
love y'all

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My sweet boy is SIX! Happy Birthday Logie Bear

Oh, L! Six years ago from this very moment I was waiting to see you, my first baby. I knew you were going to be a boy and we picked out "L" because it was Meme's maiden name. Oh, honey I couldn't wait to see you and when you arrived I remember you looking up into my eyes and we immediately connected. From that day to now, we still have that same connection. You will always be my first baby and nothing will ever change that. Kisses to you wonderful little boy, I'll love you forever and always. Happy birthday....You are SIX!!

L, you were so so very excited when Mc was born and I don't know if I have ever seen such a smile on your face.

This picture of you at the computer was taken when you were 4.
Oh, so happy it snowed!!!

L man...you are too funny with your little brother's JEANS on. {little brothers jeans size 12-18 months} Yes you are a skinny little man, but I do realize they were unbuttoned.

Your sister loves you so very much, she watches you and listens to your every word. I love watching the two of you together, it's a little scary sometimes, nonetheless a riot. Y'all are cute!

L P B: I love you with my whole being, we all love you sweetheart! Happy Birthday

Love, Your Mommy



It snowed for LPB

{Everyday Unwrapped can be seen at Chatting at the Sky where she tells us to see the great things in our "everyday" living}.
L it snowed for you today, just in time for you to head to school. Tomorrow is your 6th birthday and what a better way to kick off the birthday spirit than with snow!
L has been asking me for several weeks when it was going to snow, because it's December you know and almost Christmas and that's just what it should do.
He kept wanting to watch the news last night b/c he had heard at school that we were going to have snow. I'm so happy that it did, it just seems fitting. How nice that such a simple thing can make someone smile. He bundled up this morning from head to toe and raced outside to play, he loved every minute of it.
Today I am grateful for the snow; which makes my babies smile! I am grateful for a heated home, food on our table and the sweetness of my family. Thank you Lord for speaking through me and showing me the simplicity of your wonder. I was having a crazy morning, exhausting grocery shopping and wild lunch. I am better now. Thank you Lord for the many wonders!

Our patio furniture covered in white.

L's school behind our house. (It's getting a new roof.)

I'm also thankful for being able to see the building throughout the day where L is all day.

Have a wondrous day my friends.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Misinformation on Worst Week

Uh oh, my show Worst Week is NOT on tonight.......sorry fellow bloggers and viewers. Let's all make a quick sad face. :(
It was suppose to be on tonight......but a Charlie Brown Christmas was on and 2 hr. Boston Legal. So, HOPEFULLY the fun will be back next week.
I am really hoping that I'm not losing it, but I'm quite afraid that I might be. I am so use to watching ABC that I had forgotten that the Worst Week is on CBS. So, yes it was on and I didn't watch it b/c my head is in never never land. So, next week I'll give you a heads up on it and we'll all watch it together. Forgive my idiot-ness today. Thanks.

Laundry Revelation

There is a rhyme and a reason to the laundry (almost covered) living room. I had a revelation today about the kids and laundry, so I put one and two together and came up w/.....kids that do laundry. Yes, I've had them help me before...but this was different. I set the laundry basket in the floor and told them we were going to play the "laundry game". I had them make nice stacks of each person's clothes and it went quite fast. Now, all I have to do is grab the stack and head off to bedrooms and put them up accordingly. Wow, I'm smart! {I did help them, not just watch}
Mc was a great help and he didn't even pull any stacks down. Yay for baby man!

Laundry action going on with the dog advisor overseeing everything. If anyone gets out of line, she just nips their ankles and they get back to work. I trained her to do this. {how sad, not really}

love y'all Oh, my...I almost forgot...Watch WORST WEEK tonight at 8:30 (central time) on ABC. and DON'T forget to come let me know if you watched. Tell me what you think about it. It's the funniest EVER!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shout out for Honesty

Honesty.....or "Ho-nesty" as I like to call it or "Ho-Nestly".
Please go give my best friend sister a wonderfully nice comment. She would love it, I would love it and by golly it's a great post! Let's all love her together. Love you Johnna!!