Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When the A.D.D. hits me like a truck, I re-decorate

What started out as a complete and utter mess {because Mc took his dirty diaper off, himself} ended up with his mama taking down wallpaper border while he played in a sudsy bath {in the same room with me of course}. I just couldn't help it, the A.D.D. hit me and I was almost paralyzed into thinking ...."the wallpaper must come down" and so, it did. Do you do things like this? I can have laundry to do, dishes to put away, rooms to pick up, a child to sit and stare at while he bathes, but NO I had to pull down border because (well, I had to ...A.D.D. told me too) the decorating fairy was whipping me with her wand.
Yes, the room isn't spic and span..but the border is gondy. YAY!!

It's full of 1960's colorful tiles, most of the bathroom is covered in this peachy colored tile. Guess what though?!...I love it. (good thing right?)

I'm wanting to paint the walls, but I'm thinking I MUST go neutral so the room isn't too busy. I want it to be pleasing to the eye, ya know.

Check out the fun little built-in, where magazines and toilet paper can go...even a little picture frame. Love old homes, just love 'em! Character is what it's all about.

The bathroom isn't tiny, but not huge either. Any color ideas here? Throw them my way if so. I have some paints left over from my kitchen/living room/den and laundry redo's, but what do you think colorwise? Do tell. {no judging on my hand printy/dirty mirror}...thanks

Also, would like to paint the cabinets and mirror border...probably a creamy white, like my kitchen cabinets.

P.S. this is a small project, but don't tell my hubby...he'll have a heart attack just thinking of me and another project. shhhhhhh! thanks

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

B Girl turned 5

B girl (in her 5 shirt) had such a nice time with her friends. {check out my picture wall, I have to say I love it} I also, love my sweet 5 year old...she ROCKS!!
Every household that has kids, should own at least 5 (really more) child-sized chairs...they're a must.

One of her friends gave her this sweet name plate, that we have already hung on her bedroom door. I love handmade gifts, so special!

I made a banner using her invitations, each fairy angel has a letter on them that spells out her name. I printed the letters on the computer, then tied them all together with girly ribbon.

The cake, oh the isn't the most beautiful {large cupcake cake}, but boy was it heavenly to eat. Moist, yummy goodness !!

Oh, cake.....I loved you much and you didn't last long.

Things sure got quiet when everyone left. Note: the little guy on the couch is NOT human.

I love this wall, it's happy to me......I really like mixing old with new and nature inspired items are shown throughout my home. {paint color on this wall is Ivoire from Sherwin Williams, GREAT neutral}

Confused?!? Me too, I just got a little side tracked and had to talk a little bit about decor. I just cannot help it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cleaning the House or Working Out

I would normally be at the 'Y' right now working my tail off ........
but, instead I'm devoting my day to doing this. When I have a chaotic home, I have a really hard time walking out the door and leaving the mess. So, today I'm conquering the mess and at the end of the day I'll be happy mama!! HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to workout because I need/want makes me feel better and more in control. For now, the mop/vacuum/ and garage mess will be my "work out". Ya hoo!!
Guess what friends?! If mama's house is nice and clean, then I can take more pictures of my home to show you. Ah, yea dog!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling Lost in the blogging world

Hello friends! I know I know, I've been gone for a little while and I'm sorry for that. The holidays were all about family and traveling. The kids and I spent some time in my home town for almost a week while Jeff was in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. L and I drove to Dallas and spent some time with him there and went to the big OSU and Ole Miss game......we had a blast, but OSU unfortunately did not win. (The younger kids stayed with my parents in A town.)
The kids started back to school and they had to let school out early this past Thursday due to a stomach virus and cancelled school on Friday as well. Half of the entire school system was sick and there are still people coming down with the illness......ucky. We have had the virus in our house since last week...almost a week of someone in our family sicky icky. I think (crossing our fingers) that it's over and healthy times are here.
I left you guys hanging in the last post with me unable to find my camera, it HAS been found and I'll be showing you more of the updated house (with befores and afters) soon. Sorry for leaving you all hanging and I'm also pretty sad that I've lost some followers. I guess that's how it goes though.
Hope you're all doing wonderfully and I cannot wait to come see how you all are doing and what projects you're coming up with. As of recent, my projects have been pretty basic......catching up on laundry, rearranging the boys room, and keeping up with day to day chores. I've GOT to get a hold of B girl's room before it gets completely out of control, it is quite a mess.
Please leave me a comment and let me know how YOU are, I'd love to hear from you.
Love much,