Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Me

French fries, I love you! Doughnuts, you rock! Cheeseburgers, You rule! I'm not leaving you out for good, I'm just cutting back on you tremendously....I think we've been spending WAY too much time together.

Chips and Candy, you taste so yummy...but I need something more wholesome. Do you understand?

Hi Miss Athleta, you are darling and you look really nice. I am more flat chested than you {except for pregnant times and nursing days}, but you have an AWESOME figure.

Hello healthy for me food....I must say, Raw chicken laying there makes me want to run to the bathroom and puke. The glass of milk, well same to you! Asparagus, lookin good buddy. Block of swiss cheese, I like you as well.

Me, busy mom! I work on my house all of the time and chase's not like I'm lazy....I will feel better though if I have more ENERGY!!!! Sorry Red just don't cut it. Mr. Starbucks coffee, you too.

This is me {another Athleta model} running running running....the Forrest Gump plan ya know.

And last but not is my 100th post!! I thought my 100th should come out with a bang!

So, I've been reading LOTS of posts lately on exercising, weight loss, organization AND I've been wanting to get started on eating more healthily and exercising because this mom has NOT been motivated in the slightest to do either. I'm not good at starting something like this unless it's my idea and yesterday I finally made the decision to buck up and DO IT!!! Just Do It (thank you Nike, would you like to sponsor me?)

Here is my main reason for wanting to do this........other than being a more healthy me with more energy, because these are pluses for sure...........BUT here's my reasoning, BECAUSE I WANT TO LOOK GOOD IN A BIKINI THIS SUMMER! No more frump, gone are the days of frump.

Here are some helpers

Want to organize:

Want some of these fabulous work- out outfits:
Want some fun blogs to visit and talk about losing weight and exercise?: Shannon is a friend of mine and was my big sister in our soroity. Love this girl!! I have known Sasha my entire life...we grew up going to church together, Sunday school and youth group, then we became soroity sisters as well. Love this mama as well!!

Have a groovy day friends, you know I love Ya!


morewineplease said...

I want to look exactly like that running woman.. K??? really!!!

Good post.. I need to say goodbye to lots of stuff too! MUAH!

KrissyBo. said...

Yay for you! :) I love how you narrate your posts! I wish I looked like lady Athleta... Hopefully I will later this year!

Michelle said...

You've been awarded! Check my blog!

The Brown Box said...

The pressure to look good--why do we do that to ourselves? I want to look like Miss Athleta but I don't think that is ever going to happen.
Katy you are beautiful but you know what makes you even prettier is your heart! I hope that you can meet your goals-- I have all the faith you will. Good Luck Sister!!!

Abby said...

Uuuggghhh! My butt is feeling especially squishy after the holidays. I need to get moving too. Good luck with getting healthy. I will be working on it too! Oh, and happy 100th post! Yay! Cute blog!

Anniebanannie said...

I LOVE this! You make some funnies.

Great motivation you got going on Momma!!! Keep it up and Altheta won't know what good legs are b/c here comes Katy!!!!

You're awesome.

PS Word Veri's haven't been my friends lately...too hard.

Sasha said...

I love Athleta and wish I looked like that. I ordered a swimsuit from there, and although I love it, I do not look like an Athleta model in it. Did you know Gap bought Athleta?

Love you right back! I feel like I have known you since I was born!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good and feel good. Good luck with reaching your goals.

Mamalicious said...

I think you are beautiful and perfect and I love you. Your boobs look great in that picture of you and baby daddy.

I have decided that I'm getting a tummy tuck and maybe a job on my bewbies.

I will begin working on my fitness.

My coffee still needs me, that's the only thing.

Mamalicious said...

PS- award for you on my blog.

Michelle said...

You are so welcome for your award! You deserve! You are so sweet and have a hilarious creative blog! Love ya girl!
Oh I can't believe you were awarding me! That is too fun! Thank you!

P said...

I want to look like that girl in the running picture. I would never ask for another thing as long as I live.

Kacey R. said...

I'm loving these posts. They carck me up!

Chitown Meg said...

GO OSB!!!!! You can do it. Congrats on your 100th post. It's hard to stay away from such yummy food :( Tear.....

Miss Jumper said...

Let's get trampolines. Think of the possibilities for injury (JC)...