Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wacky Wednesday Picture Review

A couple of weekends ago Jeff cleaned out the garage and he let L drive the golf cart around in our yard. See the little glimpse of the old '99 Camry?...she is getting me around while we wait on my van to be fixed. The Camry was a great car for us, we bought her in '99 (duh) right before we got married. I'm glad we still have her so that I have something to drive.
Isn't this gorgeous? I caught this right before L went to school.

Hum....wooby (the blanket) is in the freezer, interesting.

Is this wrong? See that sweet little BOY in the middle? Yes, that's our baby M and he is wearing a dress. B had it on one of her dolls and I just had to see what he would look like "as a girl". The dress was my sisters when she was a baby.

Oh, pretty! Jeff about died, but he let me have my fun.

Poor thing, he didn't even understand what his mommy was doing.

Cute kids, too bad someone couldn't wipe the chocolate and snot off of their faces 'BEFORE' the picture was taken.

More chocolate face.............what happened to you picture?

Well, guys this is the post for the day. Tomorrow might be about what I want my kitchen to look like or my den. I'll think on it, ok. Great day to you all!!


Kacey R. said...

That is hilarious! I hope everyone is feeling better. Ever find out why the wooby was in the freezer? And so nicely folded?

Rosemarie said...

Awesome pictures. I like the chocolate snot picture. Keeps 'em real, girl. And they all look healthy. I second the wooby question - more info is needed.

(I taught high school for 4 years. I taught and did PR/Alumni Relations at the same time. I liked it at first, but my principal was a horrible SOB and the second I got pregnant I was outta there!)

WV: pormal
I am going to a prom/formal tonight. You know ... a pormal. :)

KrissyBo. said...

OMG baby M's pic made me laugh so hard! :) I've always had the inkling to do that to J but don't have any girlie clothes to try on him! lol BUT he does looove to pull out my many headbands and put them on his head and walk's the cutest thing!

Katy said...

Wooby info.: The wooby belongs to someone that lives in our household that is not a child and that person said the blanket was too hot (just out of the dryer). This person likes their blanket coldish.

Mandy Rose said...

OMG I had a wooby when I was little...I shouldn't say when I was little...I slept with it all the way through college! For real! I love this post and all the cute pics. Your son will love the pics of him in the dress when he's about 16.

morewineplease said...

OK, so do you put stuff in the wrong place all the time too? I am soo guilty of that!

And oh gosh... are you gonna be in troubs for a bow and that sweet boys head....

hey also, you need a facebook account.

Something In The Glass said...

Great pictures - I was laughing my rear off!!

Anniebanannie said...

Wooby is funny story. I still have a blanky that I sleep with. No name for it tho.

Kids are lookin so so cute! I've often wanted to dress one of the boys to see what my little gurl would look like one day. But no dresses round here. I'll just have to wait...patiently. *tapping foot*

Hope everone is feeling betta!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures! That is too cute about the blanket being in the freezer. :o)

Chitown Meg said...

The question is...why IS Wooby in the freezer??

Michelle said...

It looks like the little ones are feeling better! Yeah!
That dress pic is too cute! He is a pretty girl. :)
I second need a FB account. Tons of our friends from college are on there!

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG! Burn the pics of baby M! He will get teased beyond belief if those pics get around his high like 16 years or so. You got time. You can burn them in like 10 years so no worries! Great pics tho! My fav is the snocolate pic. (It's snot and chocolate put together! I make up my own words all the time!)

WV: vallowd
Using profanity is not vallowd in this household!

Mamalicious said...

LOVE IT! That's great that you had fun with M and he didn't even know it was a happenin' to him!

Miss JC said...

I love the babies. M looks so silly as a girl! He SOOO does not have a girly face. Also, I love that dress! I remember the first time I wore it..okay, not really. I love you! PS: Sweetheart says "hi" to Wooby.

Miss JC said...

hehe i just noticed the bottle under the blanket in the freezer! :)

wv: hominato: a cross between hominy and potatoes

Sasha said...

Has no one else mentioned the more important thing in the freezer: Crown!

I keep Orange Milano cookies in mine, and so does Frazier Crane.