Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sad things, Happy things, Dancing things, Graduating things and Camping things...(all in one post).

B girl had her dance recital a week ago, they did their ballet dance to "Doe a Deer" from the Sound of Music. (it was PRECIOUS) Here is my little ballerina (in the middle) w/ her friends and a raisin in her mouth.
Daddy (wide eyed) with his sweet girlie!!

My silly little poser!

B girl, Mc and Mama......before the recital.

Mister Kindergarten Graduation man!!!! L is pictured with his Nini (Jeff's mama)...please pray for her, she has been in the hospital for four days now and we're hoping for a quick recovery.

Oh, my gosh.....this was such a sweet sweet day for him, mommy got a little teary, but all was well.

L man, B girl and Logie's best friend.

Logie and his mama Katy. I am so very very proud of my favorite six year old, I love ya big boy!!

The day after L's graduation our big girl Aggie was hit by a car, we honestly didn't think she'd make it.............BUT she DID and she's home now after seven days at the vet. He brain was swelling, her lungs were filled with fluid, her ear drum busted and the sweet girl is up and walking. A miracle indeed.

The day after her accident we left for our favorite church camp.......Oh, what fun we had!!!! This was our fourth year to go as a family. There are several other families that go as well and it's been fun getting to see the same people every year.

Mister "senior picture" poser.

B is always so outgoing and EVERYONE knows who she is. It's also quite fun to see what outfit she's going to pick out from day to day, I think she had on her brothers black rubber boots with this ensemble.

Am I the only normal person in this pic or what?!? What's up Aunt Sissy and Jeff?

The kids had a blast helping with the stepping stones we made.

Fun times!

Oh, for the love of her daddy!!!

My dad (the kids call him Bah), has enjoyed going with us the past 2 years....Mr. Mc loves his Bah.

Hope you are all having a great start to your summer. Our most recent plans right now are...
1. Build a fence in the backyard
2. Get new flooring put down
3. Paint our 2 living areas......hopefully get my cabinets painted in my kitchen. (crossing fingers)

So, now that school is out for my big boy.......I'm glad to be able to breathe a sigh of relief and take in the summer sun and start of some much needed home projects. Hugs to everyone and God Bless.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy B's

Haven't posted in a bit and I just wanted to let you know that we're crazy busy folks around here. I'm ready to post about something inspiring or fun to look at or even a fun story.....but well, right now we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off (sad analogy but true).

Hope you are all doing wonderfully! Will post soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're NOT going to bed, but we'll have some ice cream

Mommy, I promise I'm not tired. See, just look at me...not tired one little bit.
Yay for daddy, I love it when he sets us up on his truck and gives us Sundae Cones...they ROCK!!! Thanks mom and dad, going to bed is for sissies.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What? Another car wreck?.......

My baby girl B was in a wreck with her Nini (Jeff's mom) in OKC yesterday evening. The two older kids had left with Nini and GrandPaul on Friday to spend the weekend with them. They were broadsided (driver's side) by a guy who ran a red light. When Jeff's sister called him and told us, we immediately started that way. Thankfully Nini and Bent are both ok, Nini was taken by ambulance to the hospital and scans showed no internal or external injury. Bent left the wreck with a cut on her neck from the seat belt (she was in a booster). Nini is currently at home with LOTS of bruises on her leg, but other than hurting is good. B on the other hand feels no pain.
My happy girl is fine, thank the GOOD Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember this? ... My wreck with all three kids back in December. I still don't have my van back, but it should be with us soon. Again, thank the angels for watching over us then. (L was sitting right above where I was hit.)

Here is Nini's car, see the side curtain airbags hanging down? B was sitting directly behind her in the back. The glass in Nini's window also broke, B's door was not damaged.
Oh guys, I'm just so thankful that all is well and all I have to say is........NO MORE CAR WRECKS. Please. NO thank you, no more for us.

Friday, May 1, 2009

MWP Giveaway.....

My lovely "Big Sis" (sorority big) is giving this DARLING tote away for her 1 year Blogaversary!!! How fun is that........
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{New Post Below...just written mind you.)

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What's been going on...and Happy May 1st

After our little rainstorm this morning, Mc pulled out his trackers and had a hay day in the flowerbed.
Yep, that's shoes. Shouldn't children be allowed to play in barefeet? I think so, I do NOT like wearing shoes really.

B girl LOVES the "new" cat that showed up at our house. We named him, Bruce ( he he ) and he adopted US.

L had fun a couple of days ago playing on the "Grass Rig" that daddy brought home. (FYI: A grass rig is a Firetruck/flatbed pickup that the fire fighters use in fields or pastures.)

Oh, lovely day to ya Mister Man.

Dressed up (as usual)......

It's been a hectic week, this time of the year seems to be SO busy doesn't it. So, today (when L gets out of school) L and B girl will be heading south to OKC with their Nini and Paul. Jeff, Mc and I will have a weekend to ourselves and BOY do we have a fun filled weekend of LAUNDRY, CLEANING and RELAXING!!!!!!!! I've already started my cleaning frenzy this morning......well, after our little thunderstorm consisting of semi-large hail, it was a pretty quick one. (thank goodness)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Love ya!!