Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Decorating with Pops Of Color

I took the built-in cabinet doors off of a cabinet in our master bedroom a couple of years ago...this is one of them. I hung a small wreath and a wrought iron planter on it, the planter was black ...so aqua to the rescue. I think I need to paint the frame of the door, any thoughts....? Red, black, fun green??
I added the large heart here, the mirror and a few more pics....I painted the tiny frame on the wall and the framed mirror...again an aqua color. (Dina, the small cross is from the necklace you made :)

I found the wooden six (unfinished) at Hobby Lobby for ONE PENNY, I glued it to a box frame and painted it aqua...it adds color to the ho hum shelving unit (from IKEA).

Another view of my hallway with added color.

This wall ONLY held the corrugated metal heart with the family sign....I added several hearts from around the house and it became a HEART wall. I really like the way it turned out.

See my red chairs? (of course you do) They were in my nursery at the church I grew up in, I kept them red....I have a pretty decent collection of small and tiny chairs throughout the house. All in varying sizes and colors.

The Stop sign was in our garage, its from the 50's....I love it and thought it'd be fitting in our den since it is the Pit Stop for our whole family and fitting that we have 4 children too. We painted almost our entire house last year or two years ago and this wall was STILL bare until yesterday. I added the door like in our kitchen but painted this one green. The canvas' I already had, I repainted them black and with white paint placed each of our children's hands on them with their ages, full names and birthdays hand painted under the hands. The edges of the canvas are very thick and I glued black and white polka dotted grosgrain ribbon on them. Between the pictures on the far right is a small red cross, it was silver so I used red METAL paint on it. I will have something between the sign and the pictures, just haven't come up with anything yet.....progression in my head though.

{this post brought to you by: Miss Strawberry Cupcake}

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Lofton at three months

We had our own little photo shoot in her bedroom yesterday, she was a little trooper.

I love some of her little faces she makes.
Love this girl!

Little smirk. he he

Sweet precious pumpkin pie.

Backside, I think we all could use bloomers with our names on them.

Hope you are all having a great new year! I'm not promising anything, but I'm HOPING that I can get back into the groove of regular posting. I miss coming and visiting your blogs as well. Later folks.