Monday, April 27, 2009

Tornado Weekend

We had an EF 3 tornado come through our small town this past weekend, actually 2 tornadoes. The kids and I and several friends went to our basement with lots of pillows and blankets. We also had our 3 dogs and a friends dog; which so happened to be "in heat", Cowboy (our smallest dog) was "on point" the ENTIRE time we were down there so we had to keep the two away from each other. NICE. We were out of power for almost 24 hours. Uck.
Anyway, all is well now but if you'd like to take a look at the video of the damage, it is here. Jeff is a volunteer firemen (and storm watcher/chaser) and actually in the video, but you cannot see his face.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mc was 20 months old yesterday

My little man turned 20 months old yesterday...only 4 more months and he'll be the BIG 2, cannot believe it. He is the most quiet child that I have EVER been around, he only talks when he wants to, he never talks or makes a noise in crowds. Mc is a complete cuddle monster and I love it! Happy 20 months sweet baby...Mommy, Daddy, L, and B girl LOVE you so much!!
Note: He is NOT quiet at home!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pretend Party at My Place {EVERYONE IS INVITED}

{Picture Above: Cottage Living}
Girls, this is where our party will begin...this pretty PRETEND Patio OF mine(I have a patio, but this one is prettier). You ARE all invited, each and EVERY one of you is invited!! Feel free to dress any way that you feel comfortable. Cute new jeans and top (yep), cute new black dress (yep), old pair of pajamas (yes mam), tee shirt and sweatpants, tee shirt and yoga pants..........WHATEVER is lovely, just come to my party.
We will have pizza..........

You will have loads of fun with ME, well because I'm just FUN!

We'll have MORE food........

......and I'll make us cute drinks.

Girls, I honestly would love to have you over for a girls night in where we could just be ourselves and eat, drink, laugh, and chat. I'm in need of this and I think it would be WAY fun. Don't you? I want an evening where everyone feels welcome and most importantly, comfortable to be themselves. Ya know what I mean? Are you ever around certain people that literally make you NOT be yourself? I cannot stand that feeling. I go into quiet mode when I'm uncomfortable and I'm NOT a quiet person normally.
So, anything you'd like to do at my Pretend Party? Anyone you'd like to bring? Let me know, I'll see what I can do.
HEY GIRLS: Ever NOT been invited to a party that your "Friends" were giving? Just curious....hmmmm. .....................possibly to be CONTINUED.
Love y'all and be GOOD, Today's Lesson....if you can't be a GOOD a GREAT one!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

{30 Minutes to a Prettier Front Door}

Wish I had taken a full length picture of the door before...but I think you get the picture. The original blah blah brown door needed some help. Pretty door decor on the blah brown didn't have much of an impact.
Thirty minutes later...........I've got a pretty BLACK front door (I used a black Valspar paint from Lowe's...Satin finish.) that I am L.O.V.I.N.G. now. The cute heart on the front door now has a background that it can be proud of. :)
I did NOT remove the hardware from the door, well I tried but it's an OLD door and there weren't any screws to be removed. I just used my mad painting skills and carefully painted around the grooves and crevices. (I'm so cool, I know.)
Have a loveRly day my friends! Hey, go paint your door. DON'T FORGET TO ENTER IN MY SISTER'S CONTEST...IT'S OVER TODAY AT 5:00 CENTRAL TIME.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heavens to Bootsy

Mc: Is in to everything right now, I spend over half of my day cleaning up his messes or keeping him out of a toilet or a dog bowl.

B Girl: Spend most of my day asking her to use her head, she makes a LOT of silly decisions that make my head spin.

L: He is the one that makes me feel guilty a lot of the time.... "Mom, what's wrong with YOU?"
"I wish I got to play with my friends more." "I never get to watch t.v., you NEVER let me do fun things."


It all started TUESDAY I will call it "Mommy cannot do anything right because she is a failure to society."

  1. Spend a LONG time in Hell (Wal-M@rt) shopping...and my underwear is completely wrong for me, I pull and tug the entire time.
  2. Go to pay for my shopping experience and my wallet is MIA. Get my wallet from the car, go to service desk to buy my basket full of items and my ATM card doesn't work...........I had forgotten to activate my new ATM card (nice). I pay with check.
  3. Kids fall asleep on the way home, I put them to bed....B-girl wakes up throwing her arms and screaming (I try calling an Exorcist)...finally get her settled.
  4. Several hours later...start dinner, my underwear are about to do my in.......I jerk sweatpants off, take panties off and throw them in TRASH. Prepared dinner Commando Style. (put sweatpants back on of course) I turn around and B was washing her hands in her chicken noodle soup and begins rubbing her legs with the broth.
  5. Last night....prepare "Kid Friendly" meal for kids and myself (Jeff was away for business). Mc and L eat quite a bit, my dogs eat everything that gets dropped on the floor, B eats nothing and tells me that she just wants cookies. Nice.
  6. Give kids a bath, more water is on the floor than in the tub (I put life jackets on everyone and we got out of there safely).
  7. I take all 3 to the den, have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with them about being thankful for who and what they have and ask them to give mommy a break. Mc smiles at me and then sticks his tongue out at me. 2 older kids say ok, and tell me they love me.
  8. Put everyone to bed. Mommy comes to the den, get on my knees to pray and Annie the cat runs full force at my head and rips half of my hair out. I lay there and cry and thank God for my many blessings. The puppy (Cowboy) comes over and bites the dog sh*t out of my arm.
  9. Go to kitchen, shove a Tylenol PM in my mouth.

Thank you all for listening....needed to get that one out.

Today is MUCH better. Don't forget to visit miss jc for her giveaway..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What happens at Gammy and Ba's....Easter Style

Easter time, lovely time. Aggie and Cowboy stalking a squirrel that was hanging out on the back times y'all. They really wanted to eat him for dinner. Poor dogs.

Nurse Alli (one of my cousin's) digging in baby E's nose, how fun is that....she loves digging and poking (a girl after my own heart).
What?! Why didn't I hunt for eggs?

Yes, he's tinkling....oh yes he is. I just had to tell you that this little guy (Cowboy) hunted eggs as well. He would find one, grab it and run as fast as he could (all the adults would chase him and yell), then he'd dig a hole and hide the egg. Poor guy, he wanted to play too.

Mc did so well with the hunt, he found lots 'o eggs and had a blast.

Cute "tailed" boy.

L, as always loving every minute of life.

B girl, hunting eggs AND switching shoes as she goes...a girl can never be without enough shoes. Like totally duh!

Watching Gammy and the little doggies.

More hunting.

Unfortunately I didn't get to download ALL of the pictures that I wanted to show computer didn't want to cooperate. Dang!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. ..........that's all I've got to say about that. (Forrest Gump)

Actually I have more to say but Mc is pouring cereal out on the floor and B needs to get dressed for dance class. Mama has lots of errands today, woo hoo........then T-Ball practice tonight. Fun stuff.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Miss JC is doing a giveaway!

My sister is doing a is a Scentsy warmer and 3 Scentsy bars. Seriously, go enter yourself...I would if I was you. The more people that leave her a comment, the more things she'll give away. Go HERE to enter. Thanks peeps.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wildfires in Oklahoma

I got this picture from the internet this picture was taken in a neighborhood in Midwest City. Over 100 homes have been destroyed (as of right now they are saying WAY over 100 destroyed).
As I made my 3 hour drive heading south to my hometown there were several roads, and highways that were closed due to the fires. 1-35 South was even closed and I ended up having to make a detour; which made my trip a bit longer. Jeff and B girl headed down to A-Town earlier that morning (w/ Aggie in tow) and the boys and I (and Cowboy and Samantha dogs) came as soon as L was out of school. What a trip it was in the EXTREME wind and very smoky skies, quite eery.
Hope you are all doing well. Please pray for the many many people whom have lost their homes in these fires.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend to all of you!!! Love you,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ready for Easter

My kids are SO ready for Easter, every time they hear an Easter commercial or something about the Easter Bunny...they get so excited. "Mom Mom, the Easter Bunny is hopping on over to Walgreens." in the picture {from left to right...oldest to youngest} My L, cousin J, My B, My baby M and cousin C...they had a blast getting together and having an egg hunt.

My B loves you see any hidden baby heads? (so cute!)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Boring Hallway Becomes MUCH more welcoming

Before: Chair rail needed some paint.
Before: Blah blah boring WHITE on walls.

Before: Boring arrangement of pictures.....

AFTER: Chair rail painted white (Kilz Paint..Color: Autumn Breeze). Walls painted to warm up the space (Valspar Paint..Color: Bungalow Gold from the Eddie Bauer collection). Phrase on the wall ...Walligraphy..."It doesn't get much better than this!"

After: I added a potting chair that I painted black (spray paint...gloss). I made the wallpaper covered canvas that I already had. {Take a peek into my den...I've already started priming that brick fireplace. Wow, will that room be a time consuming project.}

After: I definitely need to pick up those toys underneath the entry table and redo the entire arrangement on the tabletop.

After: Closeup of the picture arrangement and wall phrase. I took all of the pictures out of the frames and spray painted every frame with a flat black. I think it all looks SO much better and more unified this way.

After: Oh, so much better....WARM and WELCOMING!!

More projects to come. Hopefully I can start on our den painting or the living room. We'll see which strikes first. I'm trying to get everything painted the way that I want it BEFORE the new flooring is put down. Hope you are having a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!