Friday, February 27, 2009

Think of Aggie Please

She is at the vet, she has had some tummy trouble, she has had some {{trouble}} on our carpet. (NOT GOOD)....we need to rip up carpet (NOT GOOD). She needs to get better, we need new flooring. Please say a prayer that I can have patience. That's all. Thank you. Katy
{Sometimes we think with our hearts instead of our heads. Sometimes we should do both. }Author: Katy Baker

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It has been lovely weather

It has been absolutely beautiful weather here for the past 3 days, the wind is changing though and we're expected to get some coldness soon. Ugh. It has been really nice going outside to play, take the kids and dogs for walks and enjoy the sun. I've had the windows open in the house and I love the fresh air. Yum. Have a great rest of the week. Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?
Be great! We're off to nap.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Master Bedroom Finally Finished....

This pic. was suppose to go at the end ....but oh well.
I had decided to paint the background of my built in vanity...this color is Bamboo.

The room started out white and went to a light blue that just didn't work for me.

More of the light blue that didn't work and pieces of furniture that didn't work where I had them.

Several colors on the wall....what shall I choose?

I went with Mercer Blue (Valspar Paint: Eddie Bauer). I found some window treatments at Ross that were inexpensive. I also found some nice rods and finials at Hobby Lobby that were also on sale. :)

I painted the background behind the built in shelves a chocolate brown color, the built in had doors on them and I removed them several months ago. I like the depth of the shelves w/ the dark color.

Next came tassels, I love tassels. I pulled the curtains together with a tassel for a more custom look. See the drawers in the built in vanity: I changed that color to Bungalow Gold (Valspar Paint: Eddie Bauer), this color looked much better with the curtain panels. The lamp on the bedside table was found in a hall closet, it needs some pretty books stuck underneath it for height.

Bedding was changed to the Boathouse Collection from Ralph Lauren, I waited forever for it to go on sale. I mix and match this comforter with some older Ralph floral sheets I have and some striped sheets and sometimes Ralph leopard. The green silky quilted shams and coverlet at the end of the bed help add a layered look (from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago).
Some to these pics. you have seen before, but I wanted to show you the befores and afters.
Have a lovely day friends!!
Coming up and hopefully I won't take too long to show you....
1. I'll show you what I did with the wooden star that I repainted.
2. I'm doing a makeover on a chair for my entry way.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vote Heath

My cousin Allison has her dog, Heath (a Doberman) in a contest. Please vote for him because if he wins, the money will go to the Great Plains Mastiff Rescue. Allison and her husband are foster parents for some of the dogs that come from this rescue agency. Thank you for your time and vote (if you'd like to do this, go over to the button in the right hand sidebar that says "Vote for Heath"). Thanks and have a lovely day!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mc...he's my baby man!

This is my baby man, I love his legs!!! See the little guy hiding from Mc? ...that's Cowboy, he's Mc's little brother. Mc loves the life out of his little brother, he squeezes him, kicks, throws things at him and pesters him and it's all out of love or merely a good belly laugh. (Sidenote: We do NOT allow him to hit or squeeze Cowboy, it just happens sometimes.)
This is Mc with his "fake" smile, this is his naughty smile........this means, "get out of my way b/c I'm going to do something ornery" smile.

This is the "Preacher" hairdo... ya know, the slicked back look. (sidenote: I have nothing against slick haired preachers.)

This is my happy baby man, he makes me laugh and smile. He he he he ho ho!!!! (Hair is shorter :( )
Positive Note: Please everyone ............have a great day, praise the Lord for your day, smile at your kids, hug 'em! Smile, peace to the world and all of that jazz!
Negative Note: My lovely girl that does my hair, thought it'd be a great idea to cut 2 inches off of my hair. She got the better of me and I let her. I don't love it, I miss my longer hair....I sort of want to cry.
Positive Note: My hair grows quickly and this too shall pass.

More Positive Notes: I feel better and my family is on the mend. Yay for health!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I see ceiling fans

I know I'm not losing my mind, but my vision...well, maybe.
B is still sick today with a high fever and all I can see are ceiling fans. This is really weird, my right eye has this really odd ceiling fan looking sensation and I've had it before and don't understand what causes it. I'm going to have to stop typing b/c my vision is so blurred...I need to go to the bank, but I don't really think I should drive. Huh, anyone ever had the "ceiling fan" issue? {Sorry if there are mistakes here, I just literally cannot see every word.}

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holy Moly....NOT Fun With the Baker 5

{You see, things like this happen when mommy doesn't feel gets in the pantry, grabs can of icing and uses his hand as a shoveling device for scooping into his mouth.} Nice

At least the youngest two kids are not sick....but the rest of us are for sure! I haven't even had the want or the energy to post anything, I have seriously felt like taking myself to a hospital. My glands are currently SCREAMING at me in utter pain...I think I will continue on my regimen of Flu/Cold medicine and lots of water and vitamin C powder.

B and L are watching "Frosty The Snowman" on DVD right now, Mc is sleeping in his crib, Jeff is in our bedroom sleeping with the humidifier running. Doesn't this sound like fun? Well, no but it is life.

Here in a bit I'm starting at one end of the house and I'm going from room to room w/ my trusty bucket 'o cleaning supplies and I'll be on a mission to kill germs!! Yippee, fun for me.

I'm totally hoping to be back soon with some exciting things to blog about!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Potion Popcorn....duh, it's Good!!

Only 2 ingredients for Love Potion Popcorn: Almond Bark or Wilton Candy Melts and Popcorn. I prefer to use Pop Secret (Homestyle), I think it tastes the best for this recipe.
L and B getting the decorations ready for his Valentine Box for school.

The finished V-Day box, they had so much fun making this.

The lovely, tasty, yummy Love Potion Popcorn!!!!!

Melt your Almond Bark or Wilton Candy Melts (using directions on either package, so easy). Pop your corn in the microwave, pour it into bowl and drizzle melted candy over popcorn and stir until evenly distributed. Ok, that's easy...huh!?! Yes. Easy!
I put about 5 scoops in cute little baggies and that is the treat I'll take for his class party.
More ideas: Pour sprinkles out onto the popcorn, use colored candy melts to match the holiday, orange for Halloween, red for Christmas or get the picture.
Name Ideas for your corn:
Valentine's Day: Love Potion Popcorn
Halloween: Spooky Corn (toss some candy corn in w/ it to give it color)
Christmas: Reindeer Popcorn, Snow Corn..........(My creative mind is WAY tired)....Jesus is the reason for the season popcorn. :)
Anyway, I'm going to bed folks....mama tired....mama got the brain pain.

{Painted Cabinets}

Well, my pictures are a bit mixed up...wanted the before pics. first and after pics. last...but that's alright. This pic. is one taken still in progress.
I was sick of looking at the orange-ish cabinets, so I painted them. I also took all of the hardware off and spray painted them "hammered silver".

You can see in this pic. that the cabinets on the left are NOT painted yet...this was just so you could see the "makeover". Don't they look cleaner?...well, I think they do. I lined the white cabinets in black and white toile (just the bottoms of the shelves of course).

Painted, but not completely ready in this picture. They are completely finished now and look much happier and the hardware looks brand spankin new! Unfortunately my camera is not showing how much better they look, but in real life they do look much nicer.
I have so much more to post and I MUST show you how much better our master bedroom looks w/ before and after photos.
I don't know if you can tell in the last photo, but I put a glaze on the white paint to make them look a bit worn. I needed to do this b/c the counter top looked "dirty" against the plain white cabinets. I would like to paint the white walls in the bathroom, but I just don't know what color to use. I'm fresh out of ideas. Feel free to give me some color advice.
Would you leave the walls white or paint them?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{Join Me Once a Month for Family Time}

The kids helped me make pizza, actually they pretty much did it themselves with my direction.

Tent time for the boys!

Watching a movie.

Sister B loves changing her clothes at least 20 times a day, (I don't let her do it all of the time, but I couldn't resist this outfit she pulled together.)

Stirrin the dough for the pizza.

When Tuesday Whitt passed away from Cancer I felt like there had to be something that I could do to honor her. So, I asked Chelsea with Aqua Poppy Designs (she designed my blog for me) to help me come up with a button to honor Tuesday. My first thought was to spend more quality time with my family and then it hit me....once a month I will post about our "Family Night or day or weekend" and you can participate as well. Link up and you can share your "Family Time" as well. I think it is very important for children to really feel that family connection, whether it's making dinner together, watching a movie together (uninterrupted by other distractions), playing outside together, etc.

Cora is another little girl (just 10 months old) that just passed away this past weekend from cancer, my thoughts and prayers are with her family right now. I'm also dedicating this post to her.

Life is too short to NOT spend quality time with our family, I want my children to know that they are a blessing and not a burden. I hope you enjoy our pics. and don't forget to link up yours as well. Join me next month when I do this again. If you want to use not so recent pictures to show us what you do as a family, feel free to share.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

Here's a real kicker for ya....I can't figure out Mr. Linky right now, so if you'd like to participate, take the button and comment telling me that you've posted about your Family Time. Thanks. Maybe Mr. Linky and I can get a little more acquainted for next months post.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Baker Family "Wagie Ride"

B girl and Cowboy heading for the slide.

Big Man L climbing.

Mc staring off into the field, probably watching the dogs romp.

Wagie (wagon) time...check out Cowboy trying to leave us behind, get back here little doggie.

Jeff walking Aggie with Cowboy trying to keep up.

The sun must be in their eyes...ouchy.

Saturday was the official "Wagie Ride" Parade that was held in honor of Tuesday Whitt, in Parker, Colorado. I read about this virtual wagie ride HERE and thought it would be a great idea for my family to participate as well. The kids had a blast and the weather was great! I told the kids why we were doing the wagie ride and they too agreed that it was a good idea for us to honor the little girl. We took the kids and the dogs for a nice walk and then stopped at the school playground for more play time.