Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inspiration Rooms

I'm really liking the idea of painting my cabinets...they are currently the color of that table shown in the picture. I have a paint sample sitting in my windowsill just waiting for me. I don't like the rustic chandelier ...a bit too rough for my taste. {this and the one underneath are both Country Home}
This is a continuation of the first picture. I like to take bits and pieces from pictures I like and take that creativity into my home.

Oh, how I love the green on these walls, very earthy, spring-time. I am wanting to paint my den and we have the paint here...but it's not this green. It's Eddie Bauer Valspar...Bungalow Gold. I'll look for a sample pic. using the Bung. Gold to show you. Did I say that I love this room? I do.

Again, painted wood. I love this look, as far as the color ...a little jail-like to me. Organization is right on target. {the last two pics. I have forgotten where they came from}


jen said...

Hi Katy, I'm redoing a house, too. I just painted my brown cabinets in the bathroom and some bedroom built-ins black. LOVE them now!

Rosemarie said...

OK - we could be roomies. I love exactly the same style. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets (they are also a dark brown) but it seems like such a daunting task. Are you sanding them? I need specifics!

Anonymous said...

I want that house! Great Find Katy!! xx, Nina

KrissyBo. said...

Looove the kitchen and dining room!! I would love to have kitchen cabinets with glass doors...but I'm not sure I could keep it looking pretty and organized all of the time!

Hope the kiddos are all feeling better!

Kacey R. said...

Love your inspiration rooms! That green is the exact color I want to do in our bedroom! Just one wall though with pops of the same color in accessories. Do you know the name of the color?

Mmmm. Love re-dos, but you know that. :o)

Michelle said...

love that cabinet paint and green paint! how fun!

Mandy Rose said...

I love all the tips...keep em coming. That green paint on those awesome! Since we are building I need all the ideas I can get!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

exquisite! We have exactly the same taste. Guess living with you for a semester in Pesagi rubbed off on me. :)

Anonymous said...


I love the inspiration pictures.

Just wanted you to know that we painted several rooms in our old house Bungalow Gold. We loved it. I can send you pics of those rooms if you want. As a matter of fact we used several of the Eddie Bauer colors to paint the entire house. They are great earth tone colors.

Mamalicious said...

You're making me want to buy a new house and paint it. And buy new furnishings. Yeah, I could re-paint the one I got, but I am not mentally capable of painting unless the room is totally empty.

I love the green. It makes me want to take a bite of a Granny Smith Apple.

I found a house up the street for sale with a swimming pool. I kinda want it. It's a 4BR, too, but it has fugly kitchen cabs and wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms. I don't think I'm mentally capable for all of that. I really don't.

How do you find the gumption?

I can't wait to see the outcome and I'm sorry for writing a whole book.