Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mc's Happy Birthday Post

Happy Birthday to you!........Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear McQuinn, Happy Birthday Love you!!!!!!!!
{So sweet of dad to bring you home a cake last night, Yay for daddy...Happy Birthday Mister 3 year old!}

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Bedding for our Baby Girl

A mix of Amy Butler's Love fabric (above and below) .........

and a mix of this.....
Crib Bedding from Target.......I finally decided on this set by Tiddliwinks (well priced and looks custom, especially if you mix and match it with things you have and new things). The bedding came via UPS today and I could not be more pleased.

I had this pillow made by Color Me Cute on Etsy......this is obviously the back of the pillow, the front of the pillow has HER name on it and we're not telling the name until she's here. (we're tricky that way) I seriously love everything about this pillow, vintage mixed with fun, vibrant colorfulness.....my favorite way to decorate.

Here is the sweet baby quilt, it is very pretty in person...like I said, GREAT price...but doesn't look cheap. This bedding will look so lovely with Bentley's twin bedding she already has, it's shabby chic (from Target as well). I've put the bedding side by side and it looks good without being "matchy matchy". I simply cannot wait to start putting their room together, a "Girly Getaway" it will be.......then on to getting the boys room, a.k.a. the "Boy Cabin" together. Think I can accomplish this in the next 8-ish weeks???

Friday, August 13, 2010

{A Cherry eater and Prego Mama at 30 Weeks}

This is my precious little man, he'll be 3 in a few short days.

He LOVES cherries!!!!...loves them
He stands at the sink and waits for me to wash them and he eats them straight from the colander.

.......onto another subject. Me at 30 weeks pregnant. The side view is much better than the...

straight forward view, but what's a girl to do.?! Have a lovely weekend friends.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Firemen and a Pregnant Mama

These two boys are peas in a pod, they really enjoy each other....I love that! Mc is almost 3 and L is 7. (Miss B was in the house at the time playing with her dolls I believe.)
Logie took some pics of me, don't you love how kids chop off people's heads in photos??!! *funny* In this pic. I was 27 weeks pregnant.

He didn't worry about chopping my head off in this one, just my entire upper body...ha ha.
I will begin my 30th week of preg. on Monday. Have a loverly day friends!! P.S. If you have any "must see" baby sites that I need to see let me know about them. smiles

Monday, August 2, 2010

All Is Well

Hey Friends, all is well with me and baby #4...we've just been busy this summer and I just haven't felt like posting honestly. My due date is Oct. 18....so we've got about 10 weeks to go and little Miss will be here (poor thing is still not named, but she doesn't mind). I'll be posting pics pretty soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow if I feel ambitious.......did you know it's REALLY hot???? Yea, hot enough to make this mama want NOTHING to do with being ouside unless the sun is down or I'm in the pool. Hope you're all doing wonderfully and if you feel up to helping me name my little angel, send me suggestions. Chat soon.