Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Artsy Project #2

Last year I painted the canvas below for my cousin's little girl...baby Emma (who is now one). Just thought you might want see another project. My mind is swimming with crafty ideas lately and I cannot seem to get one thing started. This is probably due to my lack of laundering skills lately.
Her bedding looks exactly like the canvas, I wish I had taken a picture of the entire room...where was my head?!
Have a fab. day my friends. Stay warm and do your laundry. *smiles*

*my bathroom update: I still have unfinished painted cabinets and 3 diff. color swatches on the walls...i'm cool like that!.........but boy do I have ideas for that room.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artsy Project

I had to do a quick "art" post for the mere fact that I'm tired of looking at my unfinished bathroom project below. I will say that I have started painting the cabinets and they're looking so much better, and I have 3 different paint colors on the walls right now. So, that is not ready to be shown.....but will be.
Ok, on to the art...I painted these canvases for Christmas gifts and had to show you how they turned out. The ones' pictured still have Mod Podge drying ...so, that's where the glossy white stuff comes into account. The crosses are just scrapbook paper that I cut out into a cross shape and the rest is acrylic paint. I then covered the entire canvas in Mod Podge to seal everything in.
This blue one was made for L's teacher and I think she really liked it. The project was simple, quick and didn't cost much (especially since I have loads of paint on hand). I bought the canvases when they were 50% off.
Hope you all have a lovely day!
If you would like for me to paint something for you, just give me a shout out and your email address.......I'd be more than happy to do so! :)