Thursday, October 9, 2008

What weird stuff do you eat?

(this is butternut squash risotto, not weird...but I needed a pic. of food)

Since I can remember I've always been coming up with odd concoctions to eat. My mom and sister come up with some dandy's as well. I will list off some the oddness and you comment back and let me know what kind of weirdness you have come up with before. You never know, we'll either be disgusted or we'll try it. Ok, here goes..

  1. Plain yogurt w/ Crazy Jane's mixed up salt (lots of it) all stirred in....then shove fritos down into the container and eat away. It's good.
  2. Popcorn with melted butter, Louisiana hot sauce and Parmesan Cheese. This is great and a staple at my home.
  3. Crackers w/ mustard and pickles on top, this was a fave. as a child.
  4. McDonald's burger dipped in sweet and sour sauce.
  5. Sauerkraut on about anything that will sit on your plate.
  6. Pizza with ketchup on it.....I don't do this anymore, but my friend Kristin got me to try it and it was a must for a while in high school.
  7. My daughter one day insisted that it's really yummy to dip Twizzlers in parmesan cheese. Totally disgusting, but whatever floats her boat I guess.

Let me in on your little dark secrets about food. Let's all unite as weird food eaters.

Love you lots, KB


The Bo. Family said...

Too funny and what a fun post! :)Your yogurt and fritos combo sounds good!

Hmmm, I have lots of strange yummy goodness goin' on!
*For a snack, I looove me some plain pringles with Best Made pickles(cheap-o pickles at Walmart...but the best ever!) It's also yummy to dip them in dill relish...either way is deelish!
*sliced bananas with a dollop of peanut butter :)
*This was kind of an accident I made with leftovers...but refried beans and mexican corn (warmed up of course) mixed together, topped with fritos and grated cheddar/jack cheese on's sooo good! :)
*mix peanut butter together with marshmallow cream (about half and half into a dough), roll into small balls and eat...or you can top them on 'nilla wafers! That's been one of my all-time fave treats since I was a kiddo. :)
*On New Years, in order to choke down my 12 black eyed peas (one for every month of course), I have to dip them in mustard or ranch. I know, it's the weirdest, but you asked for weird stuff and there ya have it!

That's all I've got. :)

Katy said...

Lovin the comment K. I love pickles on anything (almost). ...and green olives. Thanks for your weirdo ideas, I love weird food combos. KB

The Bo. Family said...

Yeah, I'm a pickle freak and I love me some green olives too! Oh, and a ranch freak as well! :) Oh, and i did send you the invite, but it goes to your must have allowed you to view it once you logged on. :) That really sounds totally

The Brown Box said...

I do know that you love to eat wierd things! Your blog is great and your boobs look great in that picture of you and Jeff!

Katy said...

Brown Box Girl,
thank you for the nice comment on the observation of my "ya know"....anyway, I work on having nice ones'. Ha

Kacey Randolph said...

That is hilarious - the popcorn sounds fab though! I stick to the basics with food BUT I MUST have ketchup on my scrambled eggs and my fries or pizza dipped in ranch dressing. I'm a Ranch dressing snob though so it has to be the good stuff! Ha! Ha!

I had a friend in high school that would mix peanut butter in his vegetable soup. YUK! But he swore by it.

Oh - and this isn't gross but oh so yummy. Mix M & Ms in with your hot popcorn - the chocolate melts and when you eat it its that perfect mix of sweet & salty. YUM! *AND since you're a pickle freak have you ever tried fried dill pickle chips?* TO DIE FOR GOOD!

Thanks for the nice words about my blog. I'm excited it looks all snazzy now. Ha! Ha! Love your blog too.

Katy said...

Kacey, Good idea on the m & m's and popcorn. I love sweet and salty. and yes, I'm thouroughly in LOVE with fried pickle chips and spears (good times). ok, i'm off to TRY to get something creative done for the day...or at least started.

morewineplease said...

LOL!! Your boobs do look great in that pic!

I dont know how weird it is.. but I could eat cream cheese alone or with just about ANYTHING!!!!!!

Katy said...

I soooo love cream cheese as well. Good stuff. Have you tried Laughing Cow cheese? It's also grrreat and they have some low fat ones that are wonderous as well.

Mamalicious said...

I remember when we would go to Mazzio's and you would make a salad without the lettuce. Just the cheese, ranch, croutons, and sunflower seeds. That's the best part anyway.

My weirdness as a kid was:

white bread and ketchup
crackers and ketchup
pickles and peanut butter

Kacey Randolph said...

You are TOO COOL! Thanks for adding my button to your blog! Off to work on my post for today..."See" you later. Can't wait to see if you got to do anything creative yesterday. I did and it was more like "good crafts gone bad." :o)

Lacy Rose said...

Oh. I love whacko foods. Particularly Pizza and Ranch, French Fries and Ranch, Fried Pickles and Ranch... Just about anything with Ranch.

Im kinda like Bubba from Forest Gump... only insead of Shrrrimp.. I do it up with Rancccch.


Katy said...

Ranch IS a good time! It has to be the right kinda ranch though...some just won't work. Thanks for the comment.