Friday, October 10, 2008

Ralph Lauren- please don't be hatin!

Hi gals and guys! Here's my thought...if I take pictures of my master bedroom (in all of its dismay) and post them on my blog then I'll be more likely to get it finished (or started). Just a thought here friends. Maybe if I embarrass myself enough by showing you these pics. then it will be the perfect kick in the rear to get me started. Here we go....

You can clearly see that I have approximately 4 diff. colors on the wall. Sad, but I had to put them on the wall so I would know what looks best. I'm liking the darkest blue to the right of the window.

More shots of the bed areola (yes, I said that b/c I think it's funny).

Not the arrangement of furniture that I'm going for, it's just where it is for now. See the thingy on the wall above the blue chair, that is an intercom system. It doesn't work, so I normally have the tall chest in front of to cover. (I'm clever like that) See the doors behind the blue chair, the ones' leaning up against the wall? Those came off of my curio cabinet and will eventually be put on either side of my windows above the sleigh bed. (and they'll get a nice coat of fun paint)

My entire built in vanity was all white, but I pulled the drawers out and started painting the background the khaki color (i think it's actually called bamboo). I kinda liked the depth it gave.

Here is a built in ....well, I'm not sure what to call it. Maybe curio cabinet b/c it had doors on it, but you couldn't see what was behind the doors and I kinda wanted to show stuff off in there and make some use out of it. The pictures currently in there are not happy, they want to look better and not so cluttered, but for now they will be ok. My thought paint the background of the curio thing the blue that I paint my walls, for the whole depth thing.

Another look at the curio thing. Yes, the picture is blurry and let me tell you why. BECAUSE the camera was sad and getting really sick of looking at my bedroom.

Ok, I vented and I think it helped. If you have any ideas ----PLEASE please tell me what ya think or what you would do. I need all of the help I can get. Do my ideas sound ok or am I WAY off?

(for the guys reading this and you know who you are, you naughty nice, stay out of trouble and for the love of PETE...don't judge today's blog) p.s. love you

Lots of Loverly, KB


Kacey Randolph said...

You are hilarious. Maybe we can work on this together. I've been wanting to re-do my bedroom forever now. How big is yoru bedroom? If you go with the super dark blue, I would keep the bedding more neutral - maybe a khaki color to compliment the bamboo drawers and then spice things up with accessories and pilows. Also, I would paint the inside of the curio a different complimentary color to add depth but also interest.

I'll keep my eyes open for you while I am looking for myself as well. GIve me more details on what your over all style is and what you would like to accomplish. This will be fun!

Katy said...

oh, my gosh Kacey...I'm so excited. Loving the idea of helping each other. I can help others' with thing kind of thing, but not myself. GREAT PLAN! Ok....I'll measure my room and give you an answer on that later. You send me a pic. of your room and we'll get to talking. is my email. I feel exposed for putting that out there, hopefully some random creepy person won't get it.

Michelle said...

You CRACK ME UP!!!! I love it!
I really like that dark blue. It would be so soothing for the bedroom. I like Kacey's ideas too. You are off to a good start! Post after pics too!

KrissyBo. said...

I like your furniture! :) I like the ideas with the blue paint...another fun idea for the curio nook would be to do an argyle print with two different textures of paint (same color) or sheens...what do you call it? lol Or you could even do vertical stripes with the same concept. Well, the idea sounded good in my head... :) You could also add a fun colorful rug to pull it all together.. Do you watch HGTV? LOVE it. :) Welp, good luck after pics!

Mamalicious said...

Go for the blue color to the right of the window. Your furniture is beautiful, but the color of your closet doors is not correct. I'm sorry. I really think they need a coat of dark brown paint or dark stain. It would be off the hook, and you'd probably be the most popular mom on the block.

I do love your bedding.

I do love your bathroom.

I must get inspired to add more black and white fambly prints to my hallway, which is loooooong.

When are you gonna see my new house? Maybe at the Glamour Shots party. Srsly. Read my blaaaag about it.


morewineplease said...

Sister, at least you have paint on your walls... my bedroom is still stark white, and we have not even PRETENDED to start...
we painted most the wood in our house black.. me likey

Kacey Randolph said...

You are so funny - you can get my email from my profile or here it is : There - so if you want to remove your comment with your email address you can just email me therefore avoiding random creepy person getting your email address. Ha! Ha!