Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, I finally get to tell the story. I'm using Jeff's laptop AGAIN.

This past Saturday I was headed to my sister in laws house, she lives about an hour and a half south of me. I got the kids loaded, presents in the car, my queso dip ready ...blah blah blah.

{let me first preface this by saying that we were going for my nephew and baby M's first b-day party and I was cooking the queso dip in my crockpot b/c I have outlets in my Toyota Sienna van}

With that all said.... I am feeling pretty good about myself, I had great music playing, good conversations with my kids, I could smell the queso cooking, so on and so forth. About 45 min. of great driving and queso smelling and good song singin...here he comes, A DANG highway patrolman. I didn't even know I was speeding, so when he came to the window I asked why he pulled me over. "Well, mam you were going 60 in a 45 mph zone." He went back to his car and was there for quite some time. In the meantime I called my friend, another hwy. patrolman and we talked for a while and he stayed on the phone with me until ol' dude came back. Long story short I offered the ol' dude some nachos and he let me go. (ok, no nachos ...I did get a little ticket and was on my way). Get to the party, it went well.........drive back home several hours later and I run over a poor cat, I shed some tears and went on home.
Now, let me just tell you that I was going to add lots lots more to the story, but I've been waiting to tell the story for 2 days now and I just aint got the creative juices flowing.
Another thing: My freakin sister is sitting here with me right now making fun of my every word and my durn husband told me earlier to grow up. I think he might have a corn cob stuck up ....ya know. sometimes when i get w/ miss jc I just can't help my immaturity.

Love you people....kb
Hey...mamalishey, come up here and be weird w/ us.

P.S. Miss JC is correcting my grammar, punctuation and word choices...I won't let her mess with my page b/c I'm seriously high on life right now and don't care enough to change nuthin. (she just rolled her eyes)


morewineplease said...

this is really really funny... The thought of you cooking queso while driving, has me rolling... I dont know of these fancy outlets in minivans.... Talk about multi-tasking.

Sasha said...

Oh no- so sorry about your day! Cooking queso in the van! Loves it! Wish the 04 Odyssey had an outlet like that!

Mamalicious said...

I really think the Occifer of the Law should have taken the nachos that you offered and not given you a lil ticket. NO FAIR. Did you tell him that it wasn't fair?

I'm so sorry you ran over a cat. Wow, I know that hurt you right inside of your heart.

My mom saw your blog and she said that you had nice cleav.

I spilled water in my cleav today. I had a wet t shirt contest at work.


Kacey R. said...

This is all so bad that it is funny. I feel horrible for laughing but Oh my goodness...you couldn't have made this one up. I'm sorry you had such a rough time. And a ticket to boot? Good grief man take the nachos and leave her alone!

Lacy Rose said...

Oh the possibilities that you just created for me!
I have an 07 toyota matrix that has an outlet. I normally just use it to charge my phone with the wall charger. OH not anymore.
Tomorrow while I am running my errands I will have a roast cookin in the passenger seat. LOL.
nice work!