Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cheez-It ROCK my house!!!!

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cheez-It,

Your new baby named, DUOZ (weird name) rocks my ever-loving world! He/She is so dang tasty it hurts. I tried DUOZ tonight and I'm in love. It is the best tasting crackerness ever and you should be very proud of HIM/HER. What a sweet baby you have. As a mother of three I am very aware of how you should let your children know how much you love them and appreciate. Tell DUOZ he/she is loved by you, but most of all let them know how much I LOVE it, he/she, WHATEVER. Damn cracker....I love you.

P.S. Your squeezy cheese stuff that comes from a can is delightful as well.

Your Loving Friend (that eats you),


Cheez-It Duoz two flavors one box...zesty queso, cheddar blanco (cute word)

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Miss JC said...

You are quite weird. You must have a very strange family that you inherited your weirdness from.