Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thankful.....and feeling better

My baby looked up at me and let me know that everything was ok.

L and B fought outside and made a large mess.

B right after naptime with her colorstay lipstick and Annie the kitten.

Happy kids are enough to make a mom smile.

I just thought this was too much fun, so I had to post this picture with neighbor friend.

These are all of my reasons that I pulled myself out of my funk. MY CHILDREN!!!! Earlier I was about to pull my hair out and it was that time of the day, ya know...the dreaded all mom's know it "Bewitching Hour". The time right before dad gets home and dinner's not ready and they're CRAZY, WHINEY, NEEDY. I'm over it now and decided to post pics. of them because by golly I'm Thankful for them, their health, their sweetness, ya get the picture.

Thank you God for all of my many blessings!


Mamalicious said...

Your blog is going to be fun. That B-Girl is blog worthy all of her own, with her colorstay lipstick and her adventures!

I love you Momma!

Katy said...

Mamalich, You better put yourself on my site as a follower...cause you know you are. I can't figure out how to get on yours as a follower. Or is it someone else's?