Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Sweet Son

This evening we were watching a movie on the Disney channel, there was a commercial for Pro Active (acne cleansers) and L was insisting that I watch it.
L- "Mom, hurry look..listen to what the lady is saying."
Me-"What honey, ok I'll listen."
L- "I really want to get that stuff, you put it on your spots and the next day they're gone and you look better."
Me-"L, you don't need that have beautiful skin, it's for older people."
L- "But mom, it will make me look better and I don't want to wait to look better....I want it now."
Me-"L you look perfect right now the way you are....let's just not worry about this right now."
L-"Ok, let's just sit here and watch this show...but mom I do want that stuff someday, ok."
*Children are so sweet and innocent aren't they.*
My grandmother's funeral went very well and it was nice seeing some of my family that I hadn't seen in quite some time. It was also nice getting to be with my family that I do see often. Jeff, my mom, dad, sister and I stayed up very late on Tuesday cooking (until 1:30). We had so much fun laughing and carrying on, I'm pretty sure we were delirious....everything seems funny when you've been up for too long. I love those moments of laughing and spending time with loved ones. Everyone should have more time to do that, shouldn't we. With that said, have a wonderful Monday and make the best of what life gives you this week.
Mamalish: It was WONDERFUL spending time with you funny was it watching our kiddies play together.
Miss JC: I had a blast with you....and please smile and don't be hatin me right now. I love you!
Michelle: Wish I could've seen you. I was wiped out and didn't feel like going out on Sat., I feel sad that I didn't get to see more of my Chi-O sisters.
Goodnight yall. Love, KB :)


Mamalicious said...

Thanks for letting "Brittany", L, & Mc come over to play. I was totally totally worn out after the all-day go go go. We had one beer at the Spillage and one beer at Applebee's. I'm so hard core, it isn't even funny.

Love that picture of L! I wish the kids could play more. They had such a blast! It was the best!

Katy said...

"Brittany", that's funny. I think alot of people hear me say her name that way when I say it. Duh, that's cute.
Are we getting old.......hell no. We're just tired from those kids of ours. When will we NOT be tired?

Michelle said...

Awwwwe! This is SO SWEET! I love this post! Your son is precious. I have used P for about 7 years and now I have more wrinkles because it is too drying! I am switching it up.
I agree with the fam thing! I love those moments w/my family.
I wish that I could have seen you too!! I didn't see Holly either. :(