Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm too tired to even CARE

I have been trying out several diff. templates and even downloading some from sites. I cannot find one that is fitting, so I'm off to bed. When you get to the point of feeling like you're going to slam your face through the computer screen then it's time to stop. Goodnight all! loverly eve to ya


morewineplease said...

you will find one you love... give it a few days!

Mamalicious said...

Sometimes, I get overstimulated with all of these choices. Did you try out to make your header? Let me know if I need to help you.

Blogging is a total time suck and I love it.


Mamalicious said...

LOVE the new header!

Congrats on the OSU win!


Katy said...

Mamalich, Thanks!
I like the header, but cannot fix my blog title. I cannot get it to center, I guess it's b/c of the template.
Thanks for adding yourself as a follower, feeling popular w/ you AND c.brown adding yourselves today. Happy times!!
p.s. sad about OU yesterday. :(

Mamalicious said...

K- that kitchen belongs in the home of a certian family who owns the Coke plant in Aduh. It is beautiful, and the house has 2 kitchens- one full kitchen and one prep kitchen. It was sooooooooooo lovely!

BLM says YES to the Senior Pictures!

Michelle said...

I like your new blog header! Holly had to put mine together because I could NOT figure out. I've been scared to attempt it agian.
I am SO EXCITED that you will be in Ada for Homecoming! I will be there! My 15 yr is that weekend too. Busy! We will have to get together! It will just be me and Luker Man. Jon is taking Tater to the Cowboy game that Sunday.