Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vote Heath

My cousin Allison has her dog, Heath (a Doberman) in a contest. Please vote for him because if he wins, the money will go to the Great Plains Mastiff Rescue. Allison and her husband are foster parents for some of the dogs that come from this rescue agency. Thank you for your time and vote (if you'd like to do this, go over to the button in the right hand sidebar that says "Vote for Heath"). Thanks and have a lovely day!!


Anonymous said...

Done! Good luck to your cousin!

Melody sez said...

Heath is a very handsome boy! I would say! Heath is just the very way I like them to be...tall and dark and handsome! He is tres fantastic! I hope I did not vote against a greyhound boy!


Anonymous said...

He is just a cutie! I went over and voted for him. I hope he wins!

Jennifer P. said...

I am SO sorry--I really thought I had already thanked you for the package! I got it several days ago and the boys and I sniffed the scents until they were about sniffed out ;)! The lemon-lavendar was my favorite!

Thank you so much again!

Michelle said...

Awe! My mom used to have a Mastiff!

BTW - my brother Colin is 13 now! Crazy!

Mamalicious said...

Um, I love Heath. I would love to have a red dobe some fine day. They are so beautiful!

I will vote for Heath.

Good for Allison for being a foster momma!