Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend {One Night} Retreat in "A" town

Saturday after cousin J's big #5 birthday party (pics. to come on that) we headed to my parent's house in A town. As you can see we "tried" to take some family photos....our attempts were so so. It was a spur of the moment deal, like "ok, Jeff it's warm outside let's run out there and let Aunt Sissy take some pics. of us". No one matched or even looked good, but I thought it was the only chance to have someone take a pic. of us all together, so I took the opportunity. I figured if any of the pics. turned out decent then I'd turn them to black and white and no one would ever know that we didn't color coordinate in the slightest of ways and Jeff usually doesn't wear hats in pictures either....interesting that I didn't even notice that until halfway through the photo shoot.
The kids had so much fun playing in some of my mom's aprons (that she had as a little girl) and my old ones. They were funny and pretty much wore them 2 days straight. The funky furry hats are from cousin J's b-day party and L has worn the green one EVERY day since the party....he even wore it to bed the other night.
{My dad, they call him Bah and L wearing the hats.}
Samantha our other beloved dog had fun relaxing and watching the kids play...mostly relaxing though. Jeff and I have had her for 12 years.
In the midst of typing this I have the feeling that everything I have typed makes absolutely no sense and I think everything is a run on sentence. My thoughts in my head are even running together. Duh! ....that's how I feel right now. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your family, that's the most important thing. Love yall.

Dear blogging friends, I need my game back. I must get on top of things again. My mind is full of mush. At least my blog is looking all pretty, thanks to AquaPoppy!



Katy said...

good golly, what is up with all that space before the comments....I should go lay my head down and start the day over again.

Katy said...

ok, good i fixed my issue w/ all that space and i'm commenting to myself. neat.

anniebanannie said...

You are funny. Ok...since I'm in learning stage of b-logging, how do you get fun borders around the photos? Also, I had the heckest of time trying to get the pics where I wanted them. I finally figured out, after many attempts, that I had to upload pics first, then type, but even then, sometimes they would take on a mind of their own and end up in a random place.

Am I totally confusing you?

Rosemarie said...

Annie - I agree about photo placement - it drives me nuts. I just keep everything on "center" so I don't have to worry about it.

Katy - love your new blog design. From the pictures you have posted of your projects around the house, the blog colors are very "you"!

And congrats for winning over on Mabel's House! We all have a Lazy Ho inside us! :)

Rosemarie said...

Oh - I've been meaning to ask you - how did you do those curtains with the bees and the bronze bow? I went to the Nester's site but couldn't find instructions. I think I could do it in my dining room. Let me know when you get a chance!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

LOVE the new look. I agree - it's VERY you!

I think the family picture is very cute and casual. You could definitely convert to b&w and use if for cards if you wanted to!

Happy thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Awwwe! A town! I'm glad you had a wonderful visit in A town. Great family pic! I still can't believe y'all have 3 kids. Your oldest boy looks so much like you. So cute! I can't believe y'all have had a dog together for 12 yrs. It's seems like we were just in college!

Mamalicious said...

Pretty blogdo! I love it!

The chiles looked like they had some fine times in A town.

Sam is as beautiful as ever.

Kiss Kiss,

The Brown Box said...

Love your makeover and the picture is great. Thanks for calling me while you were here, turkey!!

Kacey R. said...

FABULOUS BLOG MAKEOVER! OH MY GOODNESS! I am so excited for you - your blog is so super sassy!

It looks like ya'll had a fab time - I'm really digging the hats! Happy Thanksgiving!