Monday, November 10, 2008

Random/wonderful clothing items

*Darling Orange/White houndstooth coat....(Crewcuts). B would look FABULOUS in this... it's on sale

*Hunter green rollneck (Crewcuts). I've been in LOVE w/ the rollneck sweater since highschool. I had a navy one{J.Crew} in highschool (it was wool...wouldn't put my babies in wool though) and I wore it for years. About 10 yrs. of wearing it, I accidentally washed it in HOT water and my 10 month old son suddenly had a new sweater. {I know I said I wouldn't put a baby in wool, he did wear it though w/ a soft onesie underneath it.}

*Navy shawl collar fleece sweater. What guy wouldn't look hot in this? Love it. Sexy sexy! {J.Crew}

Cute cute. {Boden Kids}

Zebra/Green flats. {Boden} Wonderous and I'd like some.


The Brown Box said...

I remember that sweater you are talking about--that was a great sweater!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

the zebra flats? LOVE! Darling.

Cute kids stuff, too.

morewineplease said...


Amy from Texas said...

Love those shoes!