Thursday, November 13, 2008

Carpet pulled up, wallpaper ripped

asked me if I would post the pictures, so you guys got lucky. {I guess} The above picture is one of the bathrooms that I ripped carpet off of.....luckily they had not glued the carpet down like the other bathroom (grrr...) I did pull up the carpet in the other bathroom with lots of body power and very strong smelling glue removal. My dad worked almost an entire day w/ the glue removal and he almost passed out a time or two.......thanks dad! {love ya}. I still have some glue cleanup to do (from 3 yrs. ago), but at least the carpet is gondee.
The first wknd. in the new house (we've lived here for 4 yrs.) I took the old wallpaper off and put the toile up. Don't you just love the Sid Dickens plaques on the wall? I do. I also like that little boy jumping into the photo.

I took some of the wallpaper off here and have done nothing w/ it yet {i did this about 3 yrs. ago). The kids drew on the wall....they were trying to "pretty it up". I would like to rip it all down and paint {formal living room}.

Here is the lovely parquet wood flooring that was hiding underneath the carpet. I only ripped up a 3 ft. area. The wear of the carpet pad did damage to the floor. Would love to have the floors sanded and redone, but don't really want the entire house to be covered in sawdust. Uggh! Still don't have the solution yet. I know for sure I do not want to carpet it again. I wish it had never been covered. Sad.
Hope you're all doing well and staying warm. Jeff told me this morning that we might get snow tonight. Wo, cold!
Love you guys, K to the Tee
*Suggestions are welcome....what to do with floors*


Kacey R. said...

I have something for you over at my blog! :o)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Snow tonight?! EEEK!

Oh my gosh, that parquet is so lovely. Why are people idiots?! I have no suggestions on what to do on the floor . . . maybe go camp out at your parents for a week while a pro redoes the floors?

I cannot imagine why people carpeted bathrooms at one time. Good for you for getting that stuff up - and YAY for handyman dads! I LOVE the toile wallpaper - it is SO VERY KATY.

Great work, mama. Thanks for indulging me with pics.

Kim said...

We own a house up in Vancouver, WA that we lived in for two years (it's a rental now). When we bought it, we were very curious what was under the hideous blue carpet in the living room. We found beautiful (except for some holes from staples and nails) original hardwoods from 1936 (which were from a decommissioned WWI battleship!). Eventually we got them sanded and finished and they were/are amazing. The dust was totally worth it. The removing of all the furniture and moving it back? Notsomuch.

Sorry to ramble... :o)

Free2BeMe350z said...

I love your Sid Dickens display! I would be nervous about the little boy jumping near them, LOL. Check out my blog I dedicated to my Sid's collecting.

KrissyBo. said...

Love the plaques!! :) Very cute. That is so sad that the previous owners covered up the wood flooring. *gasp* And congrats on your award, go girl! :)

Michelle said...

I do love those Sid Dickens plaques! Very cool!

The Boosalis Bloggle said...

Thanks for the nice compliment regarding our Sid Dickens displays. I love the way your tiles look against the wallpaper. It's very pretty!
Teri (Sid Savers)

morewineplease said...

Katy- you do good work!! I am so impressed with your mad skills!