Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's Start This Monday out RIGHT....get it all out!

Last night I sat down and read some of my favorite blogs. I got to my best friend's blog and read her post. Well, needless to say it was exactly EXACTLY what I've been feeling as well and we hadn't even shared that with each other. (We don't live in the same town or go to the same church...this will make sense to you if you read her post.)
We all have some "blue" times in our day to day ongoings and sometimes those blue times don't seem to go away very easily. Things linger and end up tearing you up inside.
This has really been bothering me lately....I've been in a funk about church, the lack of attending church that is. I've also been in a rut about not getting out of my house, staying in my pajamas (or the clothes from the day before). It's bad y'all and bringing me down. Tomorrow is a new day for me, at least I'll try for that new day anyway. Maybe if we get things out in the air instead of letting it eat away at us, then we can go on with our bad selves.
Let's talk about it, we can "Dear Abby" together.
I don't wanna start out this Monday morning with negativity, so I am looking at this like a new beginning if you will. ...starting fresh with new and improved thoughts. Are you in?

*I am a happy person...Katy, get out of the FUNK! *

Love you guys, Katy

Venting is good people. Thank you for the inspiration Miss Christy and Miss JC


Katy said...

Megan, I also meant to say that this post was also due to your "blues" as well. Love you girl.

Kim said...

I've been in a funk about the lack of attending church as well. I need to be setting a better example for my family.

It's easy to get in a really blue place, but I think you've got the right idea. I used to tell Michael, if you put a smile on your face - even if you don't really feel like it - you'll start feeling better, and eventually convince yourself you ARE happy. Does that make sense?

Jennifer P. said...

I think it's the change to the cold weather--I haven't felt much like getting out either! A few lazy days are good for the soul--but if you feel you're extending past those "good" lazy days, then I'll yell at you too ;)--GET OUT OF THAT FUNK KATY!

Hey! Thanks so much for being a blog follower! I appreciate it ever so much!

All the best to you!,
~Jennifer P.

3 Peanuts said...

Hi Katy, Thank you for stopping by. I am in a funk too. I sat in my pantry and cried on the floor yesterday because I feel as though i will never get it all done (unpacked--we just moved). I have been hibernating too. But today, I got dressed, took KAte to the park and even got my eyebrows waxed (which I NEVER do).

I hope you get out of the funk!


Rosemarie said...

Hey Katy - thanks for visiting. I can't tell you how many days lately I have been putting off showering until the girls are napping. I can think of a dozen errands I could run in the morning if I just got myself together and organized. I know that just the act of showering and putting on some mascara changes my attitude about the day. Your post has kicked my butt into gear. Maybe that can be your motivation and put you in a better mood - you're about to motivate all of us!

To 3 peanuts - I moved over a year ago and we still are not fully unpacked! You'll get there!

The Brown Box said...

Oh Katy--I do love you! Thanks for being such a great friend and sharing your heart!
There are a lot of times that I want ot just stay in my pajamas and could for at least a couple of days. I hate that feeling--it stinks. When I am in that mood I always feel like I am the only one--Why is that? Don't you think that it is really hard for women to be real with each other? I am tired of not being real--if I am in a funk then I don't want to pretend I am not--you know what I mean. Anyway--I like sharing on here--thanks for being my friend!

Katy said...

Christy, I think it's really easy for people to say..."oh, you should try my church" or whatever. (and I know they mean well)
BUT, here's the big BUT. No church is perfect, we're all human in every church. I do agree that some churches are a better fit, but does that mean that we should leave our current church home? I am Presbyterian (have been all of my life) and it honestly kills me to think about going somewhere else. I like the preacher and most of the people that attend. So, I guess I can't really pin-point what it is that is making it difficult for me to go.
I'll talk more on this later, must go get L from school.

Kacey R. said...

Aaah Katy! Don't be so hard on yourself. I know right where you are coming from - some days I feel like - why even bother getting dressed - I'm not going anywhere...but the days I actually do get dressed and feel a little sassy, I get more accomplished. As far as church goes...I'm all about the thought that you recieve what you put out in the world. So, instead of focusing on and saying "I'm in a church funk" you could say "I'm really excited about church this Sunday." I know it may sound uber-dorky but if you say it enough you believe it. It has helped me turn some funky times in to good ones. :o)

morewineplease said...

I am putting you on my prayer list too! Love ya sister!

Mamalicious said...

Katy- Girl, I have been funky more in the past year than I ever have in my life. I have struggled with post pardum depression with scary thoughts, debilitating anxiety, and days when I couldn't get out the bed but I had to anyway.

(None of this has to do with church, btw, just the random rigors of being a working mom with 2 kids and a darling husband who worked 11 hours a day.)

I am a happily medicated person. I don't mind sharing that one bit, because it has (literally) saved my life. I'm not saying everyone has the sadz so bad that they need medication, but I had the sadz and the panic attacks so badly that there was no choice for me.

I still get some anxiety at times, but my sadz are very well managed. I have a councelor, a psychiatrist, and a regular doctor who are all on board with my plan to be mentally healthy.

You have 3 small persons. You work your @ss off. Be very nice to yourself because you have the hardest and most demanding job in all of this world. Take care of yourself and love yourself and know what your limits are.

This is probably way more than you ever wanted to read on your comments. I love you and I support your mental health :)

Holly by Golly

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

You know what? I think having some down times every now and again is a good thing. I am actually feeling better this week than I have in a while and I think it's because the blue period forced me to work through some issues I haven't been dealing with.

On the church thing . . . girl, I totally get it. the whole time we lived in Texas, we never found a church home we felt we totally fit with. It can be such a bummer, I know.