Friday, November 7, 2008

Progression on the Master Bedroom

As you can see my bedroom was several colors. Sometimes it takes a girl SEVERAL months to figure out a color choice. I worked from about noon time until approximately midnightish finishing and getting major furn. back into place. *my back hurts, but in a good "I got something accomplished" feeling.* The little built in nook area I painted it a pretty "coffee bean" color to give it depth and I think it worked out quite well. The kids were NOT under foot all day throughout the process. Oldest was at school, middle was really good about watching some little shows, watching me etc., baby napped twice and was pretty entertained by sister. All in all my painting project went swimmingly. Well, except for when baby M threw up all over my bedding...but other than that it was GREAT!! *i think he just got choked up on biggy*

My baby boy had fun climbing the ladder. Not too sick, huh.
B found an ald phone that she played with. BTW, nice outfit you picked out sister. She comes up w/ some interesting fashion ideas.

Oh, check out the depth. Now for accessorizing the room. Pictures soon to come on that...

No more is it a room of 4 colors. Loverly. I'm really liking it guys!!
Now, like I to do some accessorizing and window treatments and possible new bedding if budget permits.
Working on room ideas w/ a fellow blogger friend *wish i new her in person*. We might be coming up w/ a nice surprise....coming soon to interwebs near you.
Hope y'all enjoyed! Love bunches, KAB


Sasha said...

Pretty! Come paint mine, please.

Rosemarie said...

Don't you love when you can see actual progress on a room? I've had a bathroom out of commission for weeks now - we need to get our butts movin' on it!

I like the built in shelf paint - nice touch. I can't wait to see it all done!

Kacey R. said...

FAAAAAAABULOUS! I got my computer back yesterday but had no real time to enjoy its return. I an't wait to catch up on all of your posts over the weekend. Enjoy your time with your family. Your room looks wonderful and I LOVE the coffee bean in the nook - perfection!

The Brown Box said...

Katy It looks great! I know that feeling when you get something done--it feels so good! I need to paint a botheroom or two--want to come paint mine--I'll pay ya!

Jennifer P. said...

Great color! A kind of "masculine" color that could still be accesorized in a pretty "feminine" way :)!

Have I thanked you yet for being a follower? If I haven't, well THANK YOU!!! I appreciate it!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Beautiful color! Love that!

Sasha said...

WC's dress is from Target, of course! My home away from home.

Mamalicious said...

Good work!

I'm so sorry to hear about B's sickness. I hope you don't catch.

Feel better, Momma.