Monday, March 9, 2009

Project Carpet Pull Pics.

Oh, the small glimpse of Parquet! The dogs wanted to be in on every aspect of the project. They love us!!!
BEFORE we ripped up the carpet. Oh, I cannot wait to gussy up the room with the new flooring.

I see window treatments in the near future.

Project kitchen will be of these fine days. We moved almost everything from the front living area to the was like a maze in there. (Mister ceiling fan, I'd like for you to go away and I'll replace you with a pretty/simple chandelier.)

Ooooo baby...nothing better than saying goodbye to carpet. You see, that is plywood subflooring and it will be covered with some really pretty Pergo (laminate flooring). There is Parquet wood flooring in the den, our plan is to sand it and stain it the same color as the laminate that we'll have in the rest of the house.

Trash bags full of carpet and padding and tack boards.

Ummmmm Yummy! Have I told you how much I do NOT like carpet? I don't, it's just not feasible with kids and animals. Ugggh.
Cannot wait to show you the NEW flooring and fun arrangements that I'll be doing.
Oh, man......almost forgot to tell you. This living room has really old wallpaper and I've already started tearing at it. I will paint it BEFORE (hopefully) the new floors are down. It will be so fresh and pretty, I might just have to throw a party.

Projects soon to come:
1. Redo Parquet in the den.
2. Take carpet up in dining room and kitchen (I know, carpet in the kitchen....we've lived with it for four years is def. time to say GOODBYE.)
3. Take up carpet in laundry room.
4. Smile when it's all complete and give one another a high five!! :)
We're hoping (crossing our fingers) that we'll have enough flooring/money to go ahead and do B girl's room and a hallway. Have a loverly day my friendly folk.


Mandy Rose said...

Phew...that's ALOT of work girl! Can't wait to see the final project completed!

Kacey R. said...

I CANNOT wait to see the rewards of all of your hard work!!!! It will look AWESOME!

Impulsive Addict said...

Home Improvements Projects are oh sooo fun!! I'm excited to see your next set of pics!!

Anonymous said...

I am excited for you!! I can't wait to see all the finished projects.

Abbi said...

girl, that's a lot of projects you got ahead of you!! i'm sure it will all turn out great though!!!

Mamalicious said...

This is fab. I'm proud of you. How on earth do you find the energy to do this with 6 kids (3 real and 3 fur)?

I want to suggest that the entry way wood work be covered in sheet rock and painted to give it a more modern look. I have the same spindles in my LR and I loathe them. They scream 1975.

I'm so cited about your project. I envy you as my carpet gets pee'd on by Beverly.

We're not read for new flooring yet, doh.

The Eadle Family said...

wow ... the workload makes me tired just to look at. lol

Shannon said...

It looks great already! I can't wait to see it finished! I love getting rid of carpet. :)

Mamalicious said...

Can you do me a flavor? Check my blaaaaaaag. Which outfit would you pick?

And yes, sheetrock those posts. Or get them down. There is no way they are load bearing!