Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potting Chair (not potty chair) and Entryway Progress

Need your OPINION: Do you think I should take all of the pictures out of frames and turn them into black and white and paint all of the frames black (spray paint of course)? I will be getting some sort of vinyl lettering (a phrase or saying) to put on this wall and place the pictures around it. I thought the black frames would look nice w/ a black vinyl something up there.
Entry BEFORE paint

The chair rail will be painted a creamy white....toile wallpaper will really pop against the white. Hello wooden columns that I want to come down.

Ok, here is the POTTING CHAIR before. It has a hole in the seat for a large terracotta planter. It has been sitting on our back patio getting quite weathered.

Mama Katy (Aggie behind) with the Potting Chair. (Uh, oh the Camry is STILL here....still waiting for the Mama Van...should be done any day now.)

My 3rd project from yesterday. I had this canvas that L painted several years ago, it was in the bathroom for a while, I rested it and stuck it in my closet....I brought it out yesterday for a little makeover.

B helped me hold the canvas down while I covered it in leftover wallpaper. I folded and tucked the edges around the canvas and used a staple gun to keep it in place.

Entryway during the painting ....the kids played here while mama got her project on.

See my cute new door decor? Cute isn't it. (thanks mom) I want to paint this door BLACK! Awesome.

Oh for the love of paint, the walls were thanking me. Color: Bungalow Gold from the Eddie Bauer collection at Lowe's, Valspar Paint. The door bell thing will be taken off and painted black or possibly replaced....more realistically painted, cheaper option is always better in my mind.

Look at that potting chair now, I decided to let her live in the house to give my entry a nice piece of eye candy. I painted her with a black gloss spray paint.

Potting chair w/ original terracotta pot....I will paint it and stick a fern in it for some nice earthy-ness. Check out the toile covered canvas, it's not perfect....but it does look better than a blank wall. Right!?!

Canvas and Potting Chair....for the love of accessorizing (one of my many purposes in life).

3 things I did yesterday 1. Painted Chair 2. Painted entry and hall walls 3. covered a canvas

The real AFTER pictures will come as soon as the entire paint job is finished, BUT I just couldn't help but show you the DURING photos. Hope you enjoyed and maybe I helped w/ some inspiration for YOUR home.


The Soladay Family said...

Love what you did with the chair!! I would say paint the frames black. I did mine with a quote above it, and it makes a bigger and cohesive statement!

Kristen said...

Definitely paint the frames black. It will give cohesiveness to the all the different frames. :)

I'm a busy bee working around my house this week as well. Have you found it frustrating that the projects just don't seem to move as fast as all the decorating shows make it look?! :)

It's looking good...can't wait to see the finished project. :)

Anniebanannie said...

I'm thinking black frames too...mainly b/c the others said it.

I have NO creative genes just so you know. What you are doing is WAY beyond thinking skills for me. It's total HGTV stuff. I'm in needz of a lot of shiznit done, mainly updating some pieces of old furniture, but I don't even know where to start.

Keep up the fantabulous job and can't wait to see the finished products!

Oh...lovin the chair pot. What a great idea to do with a chair. Seriously.

Kacey R. said...

Sweet!!! This all looks awesome! And yes, I would paint the frames black and turn the photos into black & white. I've also been feeling sepia tone too - speia and B & W looks great mixed together too (in my humble opinion). Lovely job my dear!

Sassy Cass said...

I like the sepia idea, too. What a great idea to cover the canvas in wallpaper. Love the chair!

Jillian, Inc said...

Definitely paint the frames black. If you're going to use a saying, put it over or under the frames instead of group the frames AROUND it. It will look more collected and will also give you the length you need on that looooong wall. I think you need 4 or 5 more medium sized pictures. Hang them pretty tightly together and sort of random and not too matchy-matchy. Love that wall color!

Coco said...

I have been wanting to do a potting chair forever!!! Our neighbors have two on each side of their front door and it is precious.

And who doesn't love black toile! Very cute!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If I remember Michelle telling me, you are a fellow ChiO as well!!

Oh, and I say paint the frames black but keep the color photos. Black will look great with your chair and toile.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Hi Katy!
I love your potting chair. And the toile wallpaper, and the toile canvas...I like everything!
Thanks for following my blog!

Mamalicious said...

Lub the toile. You can't ever go wrong with the twall. I got 4 b/w twall plates off of ebay for LLM's room. I'm dying they are so cute.

You do good werk mama!

Anonymous said...

Great job on everything!

Coco said...

Just read your comment to my comment, ha!
Chi-O at Texas Tech. My poor little girl has more clothing with owls on it that is normal. No cardinal and straw but just cute owls.
Blog friend of Michelles. And a long time reader of Shannon!

jen said...

HEy Katy,
We are redecorating our house, too. Looks like we have the same taste. i used Sherwin WIlliams dromedary camel in the living room and it looks a lot like your tan color. we are also Toileing our master bath. I put our toile curtains up in the master b/r but haven't decided on which toile wall paper. What's yours? is it more of an off white or white? I also painted all our cabinets/builtins in there black and am in process of painting our paneling and trim antique white. Everyting here has to be redone. I'll try and post some pics soon

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Super cute! Love the canvas. Toile is timeless. Your door would look great black. Hooray for spray paint. Enjoy the giant project. It will be so worth it.

The Brown Box said...

Looking good!

Jennifer P. said...

Looking LOVELY! I don't think that color is too dark at all---a nice, warm gold is a perfect neutral and pairs super nice with black and white. I think black frames are being overdone lately (even though I have them in my house and they're a nice option--you have to admit that they're EVERYWHERE right now!). I would keep the frames like you have them now. Keeps things from being too matchy-matchy. If you really want to paint them, I say go with a white or off white instead. Also, for your doors--you might consider covering them with grasscloth wallpaper. Adds great texture and never gets chipped. I think it would look great with the earthy-french look you're going for.

That's just my two bits :)

Let me know when the next pictures are up to be seen---can't wait to see how it all comes together!

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