Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun Christmas Ideas {shopping or decorating}

I've posted many pictures of things I've saved on my computer that I thought were worthy enough to share. Some things shown are gift ideas and the others I just thought were neat, fun or pretty.

Those sweet little standing Christmas tree pillows are just so whimsical. As a child I remember loving little things like this. {Garnet Hill}

The gold earrings I just thought were pretty, these are from Anthropologie.

This mitten advent calendar I think is a definite must in a home, what child wouldn't think this was fun.!.! {Garnet Hill}

I just love these striped dishtowels. Nice, pretty dishtowels are always appreciated in my opinion. {Anthropolgie}

Hat........this newsboy style is very popular right now. I am wanting one (Santa, did you hear that?). You can find these at Target, but this one pictured is from Anthropologie.

Round Gold Initial necklaces, preciously preppy. {Anthropologie}

Exciting advent Elves...{Garnet Hill}. I love these little guys. I kinda wanna pick 'em up and kiss 'em.

I am in LOVE with scarves! Someone could get me one of these in every color under the rainbow and I would use them all. Scarves are as much a part of me as a good 'ol trusty puffy vest. I have a plaid scarf that my mother in law bought me a couple of years ago and I cannot find it. I'm deeply saddened and I miss it so.... Santa, again ..are you listening? {scarf:Anthropologie}

Stacking measuring cups that I would leave out on my counter because they're so pretty. Oh, the beauty of these. I would welcome these little sweeties into my home on any given day. {Anthropologie...are you seeing a trend here?}

Uh, duh! Did the tin man lose his boot?
Whatever?!'s just too fun, not to show. (Southern Living)

Let's take a vote.
Would you want to walk up on this porch and stay the weekend with the folks that live here?
I don't know them, but I want to stay here. Those presents on the porch make me want to go in, plop down on their big ol' fluffy couch and drink coffee in my robe AND of course I'd be wearing my shearling house shoes.
I love you guys! Have a wonderful Sunday.
{picture of the lovely porch: Southern Living}


Kacey R. said...

Can we go shopping together? LOVE Garnet Hill & Anthropologie. I wish I still had an Anthropologie close by. Oh but its so nice to window shop. Thanks for the eye candy. Oh - and I am SO going to try and make the mitten advent calandar with mittens next year.

Hope you're feelign better my dear!

Anonymous said...

Great items! That front porch is gorgeous. It is so inviting!

morewineplease said...

great finds katy!! I love it all!! Are you shipping??

The Rambler said...

Not only are we weird together...I absolutely love your taste in...all the things you listed. Seriously!

Shall we have a go with my lemon concoction on those lovely peoples home with the presents outside!

I'm with Kacey R....can we go shopping together? :)

I'm uber glad you stopped by become a follower.

Jen said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE Anthropolgie! One of my favorite stores I love, but can't always afford. Those gold earings would be so fun with my shorter haircut. I better forward this link to Santa :-)

Rosemarie said...

My favorites are the stacking measuring cups - love them!

Anonymous said...

Do you love monogrammed things? I love those round gold earrings! I may have to go out and get a pair! I have a gold inital pendant from Helen Ficalora and am hoping to get more this X-mas! And I have some of the inital chains and keychainfs from Tiffany's. And anything from PB that I can get my son's name on. OMG, does that mean I like monograms too? Yay!

KrissyBo. said...

You found some cutie patooties!! :) Looove the measuring cups...and I would totally wanna knock on that door, it's so inviting! :)

Hollie said...

I love the tree pillows in the first pic! and the front porch!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

You have had impeccable taste for as long as I've known you. These offerings do not disappoint! Thanks for sharing.

Mamalicious said...

I wish I still had that make up bag you gave me when we were in college. I hung onto that thing until it fell apart. I had it for about 6 years. I loved it so much. You do have nice taste... nantucket is coming your way!

I love your new senior picture.


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