Tuesday, January 26, 2010

B Girl turned 5

B girl (in her 5 shirt) had such a nice time with her friends. {check out my picture wall, I have to say I love it} I also, love my sweet 5 year old...she ROCKS!!
Every household that has kids, should own at least 5 (really more) child-sized chairs...they're a must.

One of her friends gave her this sweet name plate, that we have already hung on her bedroom door. I love handmade gifts, so special!

I made a banner using her invitations, each fairy angel has a letter on them that spells out her name. I printed the letters on the computer, then tied them all together with girly ribbon.

The cake, oh the cake.....it isn't the most beautiful {large cupcake cake}, but boy was it heavenly to eat. Moist, yummy goodness !!

Oh, cake.....I loved you much and you didn't last long.

Things sure got quiet when everyone left. Note: the little guy on the couch is NOT human.

I love this wall, it's happy to me......I really like mixing old with new and nature inspired items are shown throughout my home. {paint color on this wall is Ivoire from Sherwin Williams, GREAT neutral}

Confused?!? Me too, I just got a little side tracked and had to talk a little bit about decor. I just cannot help it.


Sasha said...

Happy Birthday B! Looks like a fun party!

Jillian, Inc said...

Coming over after your comment just to check out your PAINT! LOVE, LOVE that fishy grouping you did. Especially love that you got something circular in there. And the wall color is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

It looks like B had a great birthday! That cake does look yummy! Your house is looking so pretty!

Playing Sublimely said...

LOL..so glad you clarified that the little one on the couch was not human...you are my kind of girl ;)!