Friday, May 1, 2009

What's been going on...and Happy May 1st

After our little rainstorm this morning, Mc pulled out his trackers and had a hay day in the flowerbed.
Yep, that's shoes. Shouldn't children be allowed to play in barefeet? I think so, I do NOT like wearing shoes really.

B girl LOVES the "new" cat that showed up at our house. We named him, Bruce ( he he ) and he adopted US.

L had fun a couple of days ago playing on the "Grass Rig" that daddy brought home. (FYI: A grass rig is a Firetruck/flatbed pickup that the fire fighters use in fields or pastures.)

Oh, lovely day to ya Mister Man.

Dressed up (as usual)......

It's been a hectic week, this time of the year seems to be SO busy doesn't it. So, today (when L gets out of school) L and B girl will be heading south to OKC with their Nini and Paul. Jeff, Mc and I will have a weekend to ourselves and BOY do we have a fun filled weekend of LAUNDRY, CLEANING and RELAXING!!!!!!!! I've already started my cleaning frenzy this morning......well, after our little thunderstorm consisting of semi-large hail, it was a pretty quick one. (thank goodness)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Love ya!!


Rosemarie said...

Great pictures. I have no problem letting my girls play in the dirt and mud - as long as they don't have good clothes on! But I think I'd make an exception if they wanted to wear a princess dress.

Thanks so much for voting for the girls!!!

Impulsive Addict said...

I love, love, love looking at bloggers pics!! I've been absent from blogging lately. I'm out of town and it's so hard!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Katy! I love to walk outside without shoes on. Of course, my feet show it! I have never really liked shoes. I hope you have a great weekend!