Monday, August 2, 2010

All Is Well

Hey Friends, all is well with me and baby #4...we've just been busy this summer and I just haven't felt like posting honestly. My due date is Oct. we've got about 10 weeks to go and little Miss will be here (poor thing is still not named, but she doesn't mind). I'll be posting pics pretty soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow if I feel ambitious.......did you know it's REALLY hot???? Yea, hot enough to make this mama want NOTHING to do with being ouside unless the sun is down or I'm in the pool. Hope you're all doing wonderfully and if you feel up to helping me name my little angel, send me suggestions. Chat soon.


Jen said...

I am going to give you a name I never got to use...not yet anyway (you never know what God has in store :-) The name is Charlotte (Charlie for short). I know it is different and some people look at me like "really???" when I tell them how much I love the name. Anyway, it is super cute and classic and I just thought I would share. Glad you, the baby and your beautiful family are doing well!

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, I walk to the mailbox and I come back drenched in sweat. It's ridiculous! I love me some summertime fun but a small part of me is ready for some cool fall breezes! Being preggo in this weather has to be like 100 times worse! YUCK!

Sasha said...

Yes, it's HOT! 10 weeks- so exciting! I love the name Charlotte suggested above- darling!

Also, how about:
or of course, Sasha!


Can't wait to hear what you pick. Stay cool!

Dina said...

glad to see you finally posted again! Show us a pregnant pic!

The picture you sent of that house helped me decide to paint mine yellow. And now I'm glad I did. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are doing well!