Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Firemen and a Pregnant Mama

These two boys are peas in a pod, they really enjoy each other....I love that! Mc is almost 3 and L is 7. (Miss B was in the house at the time playing with her dolls I believe.)
Logie took some pics of me, don't you love how kids chop off people's heads in photos??!! *funny* In this pic. I was 27 weeks pregnant.

He didn't worry about chopping my head off in this one, just my entire upper body...ha ha.
I will begin my 30th week of preg. on Monday. Have a loverly day friends!! P.S. If you have any "must see" baby sites that I need to see let me know about them. smiles


Sasha said...

You look beautiful- even headless! :-)

Anonymous said...

You look great!

Shannon said...

You look great! As for names, girl names are soooo hard for me! We didn't have any picked out so I guess it is good we had a boy. Haha I have always loved Grayson (I grew up with a girl named Grayson) but apparently it is turning into a boy name?? Love Leah, Leah Kate, Eden and Amelia too.

Dina said...

You look so good!

And don't feel bad about asking about the nursery, crazy girl! Everyone's been asking to see it! Which I am flattered that people even care! It will be done soon, hopefully!