Monday, October 5, 2009

What Have I Been up to: Priming, Cleaning, Painting

My inspiration photo: Eddie Bauer, Valspar Paint (from Lowe's). I'll be painting the walls Bungalow Gold and the fireplace in my room will be white like this pic. shown (except I'm using a white I already have from Wal-Mart, called Autumn Breeze). I'm THRILLED that I'm going to have this "look" shown here, because as of right now......this is what I've got........
...partially primed walls. (see my wood ceiling beams, those will stay...not painting them, I like the rustic look)

........partially primed brick.
Here's how it's going down.
1. Walls and brick fireplace are going to hopefully be finished in two days. (crossing fingers)
2. The furniture in here was given to us a while back and will be covered with slipcovers (from JcPenney) in an off white creamy color.
What else am I doing that's keeping me from posting regularly.
1. Children underfoot. (this is a BIG one here)
2. Getting laundry out of the way.
3. Getting closets cleaned out and everything out of them.
4. Fridge, Washer and Dryer will be moved out in a couple of days........Why you ask?????
Answer: Here in a day or two we're having our entire house tiled (everywhere except bathrooms and bedrooms......the bathrooms are already tile).
I'll be (trying) to keep you in the know with pics and such!!!!!!!!!
I'm BEYOND the EXCITEMENT point, we've needed tile in our kitchen since we've lived here (5 years ago). You can drop water on the kitchen or dining carpet and it stains it, plus it's just rightdown GROSS.
(kitchen pics. to come soon)

Please check in us as we go through this "beautifying" process...........hopefully YOU guys can help me with some painting decisions.


Rachel said...

Holy banana's You have been busy! How nice to have everything tiled!! I'm still waiting for my hubby to tile my Laundry room folding table.. One of these days he swears it will get done. :)

I love your inspiration room the paint is freaking fabulous!


Good luck with everything can't wait to see the final pics!

Deanna said...

How fun! I just love seeing your work-in-progress. Perhaps it will inspire me to do a little redecorating. We've been here going on 12 years and while it's mostly okay, I think I'm ready for a few changes.

Lisa Sharp said...

Cute. I can't wait until we buy a house so we can do things like this.

FYI if you and/or the kids have asthma I highly recommend FreshAire or other no or low VOC paint. With it being so wet and cold don't want to open to many windows and without the VOC's you don't need to as much and doesn't smell. :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Kacey R. said...

You are certainly busy my dear. I can't wait to see how everything turns out though!