Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Improvement {Episode #5}: Design Dilema's and Inspiration Kitchens

This is an old picture (from B girls 1st birthday party), but I wanted you to see the dining table and chairs. They're the same color as ALL of the wood in the kitchen and dining area. I'm wanting to paint the table and chairs (probably black or white) to lighten things up a bit.

The above photo is full of inspiration (unknown source unfortunately). I would love the look of white cabs in my kitchen, but don't have the energy to paint right now. I'm also afraid of painting them in fear that they'll be scuffed and scratched by my sweet children. :(

Another unknown source, but I love the green in here and the table, I'd like to keep the top of my table brown like this with the rest painted. See the side table pictured?... That table reminds me of my cabinets and I'm thinking that I could possibly KEEP my orange-ish cabinets as is (with new knobs) b/c I like the look here. What do you think? I'm just absolutely NOT in the mood for painting cabinets right now since I have SO many projects going right now as it is.

Again, love the look of this (unknown) inspiration room. As you can see, I really like tans, greens and whites together.

I am VERY grateful for my large kitchen, just needing to update her a bit. Do you think I can update without painting all of this woodwork? Just so many built-ins. So much wood, so brown, so orange, so NOT cheerful. I'm cheerful and want to reflect that in my kitchen (since this is the room where I am all of the time).

The bar stools will be painted black or white...probably white to brighten the space.

Orangey cabinets with brass hardware that I am tired of, thinking a nice silver would like nice on them.

Lots of space folks. The wooden chair rail on the lower half of the walls will be white and I'd like to paint the walls a shade of green that will look nice with my existing cabs. Should I also paint the brick wall here? White? I like the brick as is, but would it look more updated and fresh w/ white paint?

LOOOOOVE this kitchen.......just more yummy inspiration to gander upon. (unknown source once again)

Like this kitchen as well. I told you that I'm wanting GREEN (not sure what green yet) in my kitchen, but I'll also have a few red accents in here as well. (little kid red vintage chairs)

Here is my plan:
1. Leave orangey cabs as is (b/c I'm worn out and don't want to paint), but change out hardware throughout the kitchen.

2. Paint bar stools, paint dining table and chairs, paint walls and chair rail on wall. Possibly paint brick in kitchen white.
Now, have I over loaded you? Hope not. Tell me what YOU think, throw your advice my way...write me a novel in your comments if you'd like. Thank you in advance. Now.....comment away.


Kacey R. said...

I'll be back later! Just popping in to say hi! HI! I have ideas lots of ideas for you. ;D I'll come back by tonight when all is calm. ;D

The Soladay Family said...

I know you don't want to paint.....but it would look soooo good! It would update the color, freshen up the room, and give you the feeling you're looking for! Put some bead board on the back of the cabinets where your bar stools are and add some chuncky corbels underneath the counter there too! Add some new knobs, a cute parsons chair at the desk, and you'd love it! You can do it, and just think of the finished product! Good for resale too!

Katy said...

ok, i'm getting siked already....keep it coming girls!!

Slim said...

I agree on the white paint. It is a pain but will be SO worth it in the end! White woodwork and green on the wall (sounds like my kitchen!). For the brick, either white or a darker shade of the green you choose for the wall. If you can get your hands on a paint sprayer you can cut the work in half or more! You can do it!

Deanna said...

No advice right now but I'm giving you the Kreativ Blogger award. You can collect it here:


Have a great day!

Dina said...

I would paint your table and bar stools black. You can leave the top of the table wood if you want. Paint the walls green and then just paint the cabinets when you have more energy or time. For now you can paint the inside of the built in china cabinet green too. Just the back of it in between the shelves. Does that make sense?

Katy said...

Holy Macrel...this is sounding GREAT ladies.
Dina, love the idea of painting the backside of the china cabinet.
Swimmingly great ideas!! Happy Mama!!

Katy said...

SOOOOO sweet of you, thank you for thinking of me!!

Jillian, Inc said...

Well,since I'm a designer by trade, I do have some ideas for you! I agree with others that you need to paint the orangy cabinet. The doors are big and flat and honestly it would not take that long. Since you spend so much time in this space you should do it up right and go for what you really want. Don't think that you have to do the whole thing in a week or so....take your time and do it in chunks. It's almost 10pm but if you don't mind, I'll print out your photos at work and do up an idea board with paint choices, etc and mail it to you if you want. PS- Do not paint anything that you sit on white...go for black. And with all the wood you need some texture in the room. Can you buy a couple of bar stools with rattan seats? Let me know if you want me to do the board...I'd love to help.

Jennifer P. said...

wow! you lured me out my blog coma :). I'm trying to get my school hat off and my decorator hat on....

I like the idea of keeping your table top wood because--like cupboards--tops are hard to paint and keep looking nice. Chairs are a little easier as long as you put a coat of polyurethane on when you're done to protect them.

If you're overwhelmed right now I SOOOO do not recommend painting cabinets. It took me three months to do mine and was nearly the death of me. I would mix yours up a bit--knobs would be good. Maybe try taking the doors off a few of them and puting paper or fabric up on the back and leave them like open shelving (I've seen it done...it's pretty :]). You can also take bottom doors off and add a fabric skirt here or there--just to add a nice English feel.

I like the brick the way it is. Try it unpainted first, and then--if it seems to be working against the room--you can always paint it later.

Helpful? Hope so!!! All the best to you!

Katy said...

Ya'll seriously ROCK!!!!!! I cannot believe all of the feedback I'm getting here. Love it.
GUESS what????????!!!
tile guy is here working...getting floor in kitchen finished, then on to laundry room.
I had a painter come today....AND she's starting on my den tomorrow. Tomorrow You guys...I'm siked!! She was such a GREAT price that she's doing my den, living room AND kitchen. Woo HOO!!

Stay tuned to for some awesome pictures next week. I'm thrilled beyond belief that i'm getting help for a decent price. :)

do it yourselfer said...

i know you don't want to paint the cabs, but you should. it will be so worth it and you'll love going in your kitchen. just do a little at a time...or do it all in one weekend and be done. paint them white or black...it will be a dramatic difference and you'll love it! sorry...i know you don't want to paint, but it WILL change your kitchen. the painting mood will have to strike you...that's how i get any painting done. my whole upstairs STILL needs to be painted...just not in the mood yet.

Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

Are you suuuuuure you don't want to paint the cabinets? ;) It would be a lot of work but SO worth it! I would paint them white and paint the barstools white too. I would keep the wood top on the table and paint the legs and chairs black. Green walls. So if it were my kitchen, I would use black, white and green. :)

Kacey R. said...

Alright sweet friend, I am so late on this but I still wanted to throw my 2 cents in!

I am all for the white & green combo. I had black table & chairs and trust me, it was a total terror to keep the dust off of everything. It was so bad that I GAVE the table and chairs away. I felt too guilty selling them because I KNEW they would turn in to a dusting terror for someone else. LOL

I know you don't want to paint the cabinets but I think over all, you would be so much happier if you did. Plus, I think its the only way you are going to get that fresh cheery vibe you want. I also think putting some molding in the middle of the flat cabinet doors and then painting them white would add a little texture and much needed interest to the doors. I like the idea of the cabinetry being white with the back of the shelves green. Someone also mentioned beadboard & corbels for where your barstools are. LOVE that idea. You could also jazz up the space with sassy fabric cushions for the eating in the kitchen. I have a good place saved in my faves. I'll find it and email you the link.

I know you can do this! And you can always do the cabinets at your own pace. I'm just so excited things are happening to make changes in the house - it is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

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