Saturday, August 8, 2009

Searching for Inspiration and Coming to Conclusions

Searching for inspirational photographs of what I'd like my home to look like is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, but tonight it HIT an absolute ton of bricks. {to be continued at the end of this post}Inspiration: I love the silverware art on the wall here in this dining room. The burlap cushion on the bench is fab. along with the burlap table runner. The centerpieces on the table are simple and pretty. (all photos shown can be seen at

What I have at home: I recently bought large (actually gigantic) wooden silverware at an estate sale several weeks ago in hopes that I would paint them and proudly display them in my dining area. I have centerpieces that I could throw together for my dining table, instead I have laundry sitting on my dining table (ugh~). Could I make this table runner.......abSOlutely! Have I, abSOlutely NOT. (ugh~)
Inspiration: A vintage angel plaque.
What I have: Vintage looking angel wings in the shape of a heart that reminds me of this piece. (would love to have this plaque to go with my wings)
Inspiration: This console table needs to live in my dining room.
What I have: ......ummmmmm, well I'm looking for one. A really inexpensive one, like the one my sister has that she (actually me) found for $30.00.
Inspiration: Another darling console that would love to be friends with my dining room wall.
What I have that could be used in place of this: I'm sure I could find something around here.

I promise there is a point here people and it is this...
I KNOW what I want my house to look like, I KNOW what my style is (for the most part)....why do I spend all of this time searching for inspirational pieces or photos when I already have most of the inspirational pieces on hand? I don't need to buy anything else right now, I have everything I need. {I honestly think I could open my own little store in my basement with all of the things I have.}
I have TOO many unfinished products in my home right now, from one end of my house to another and it's VERY overwhelming. My den is partially primed, I have the primer and paint on hand and I'm writing a post about it instead of getting busy with the darn project. I suppose I think that looking at inspirational photos will make me want to jump up and prime these walls that surround me. I know for a fact that, IF my walls were finished then I could actually finish this room and have it done in no time at all. So, I'm making a pact to myself this very instant to at least take everything off of the walls least I would be accomplishing that, right?

My goal to myself: Finish what I've already started. (Period)
My new Mantra: Do ONE project at a time. (can I really stick to this?)


Kristen said...

If you are ever down in Dallas come see me...Wisteria outlet is about 3 miles from my house and is AWESOME! It is TRUE warehouse outlet with one of a kinds!! :) I LOVE IT!!!

I watched my mom always starting projects around the house and NEVER finishing them. So With my house I'm 100% doing one thing/room at a time. I don't like the idea of all the "unfinishedness." I did run into a problem though with the unexpected leak and that's created a small diversion, but whatever! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good goal! I think it's less overwhelming to just do one project at a time.

Kacey R. said...

Girl! Youa re so preaching to the choir! But I would look at pretty pictures all day too if I found the fab stuff that you do online! LOVE everything about the dining room you found.

I need a bench seat...I'm thinking of repurposing a trunk if I can find thick enough foam to make a cushion...

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh how I've missed my KATY! I LOVE that silverwear art in the first picture too! How cool is that? Thanks for leaving me a comment FOREVER ago. I'm just not a great blogger anymore. I'm trying to fix it. I promise! =) Miss ya girly~