Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Names, because it's on my mind

McQuinn, not an infant...but babyhood nonetheless.
Logan, 2 years old and Bentley (newborn).
So, I'm thinking baby names lately. Jeff and I named each of the children a family last name either from my family or his and each of them have a family middle name as well. I'd like to stay with family names for baby #4, but I also want to LOVE the name as well...just as I do our current children names. I don't HAVE to come up with a name now, but it doesn't hurt thinking about it either.
Here are some names that I like for a girl:
(some family names and some not)
Clara or Cora
Ann or Anna
Boy names:
..........not many boys names that I have
Here's where YOU can help. Send me girl names and boy names that you REALLY love/like....I need suggestions. Give me as many names as you can and I'll add what I like to the ongoing list I keep handy. * Do you think this child would feel left out if I didn't do a family name??? I don't want to do a family name just to do it, I want to love it..ya know??!!


Anonymous said...


I am not sure if I have congratulated you or not so CONGRATULATIONS! I really love all the names you've picked. I have to tell you though that I have never liked my name (Elizabeth). I remind my parents of it! If Bryan and I had decided to have children we were going to name the girl either Sarah or Lauren and the boy Tanner. I am sure whatever name you pick will be a cute one!

Katy said...

thanks for the congrats liz!

Kenzie said...

i like Elizabeth too cause it's Kolbie's middle name ;-)

morewineplease said...

OK lady! I love Elizabeth (my middle) and Clara.
There are a million little Grace and Ella and Belles out there right now... so dont be just another one of those.

I love Henry and Wiley for the boy!


Dina said...

Baby names are hard. It's just so permanant! I love Ella, but it is really popular right now. And from your boy list I think Palmer is so cute!

Tarah said...

I randomly stumbled on your blog and I love the topic of baby names. I love the name Elizabeth but love the nickname of Ella or Ellie. SO I love the name Elizabelle or Elizabella. I plan to name my daughter this if I am blessed with a girl some day...but since I don't know you personally, I wanted to share. Good luck! :)