Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun with Home Improvements (Episode #7...or whatever)

Hi Friends, Well......I'm not exactly sure WHAT day this is of "Fun with Home Improvement", but just thought I'd show you a photo of the cabinets with primer on them. The upper cabinets are primed as you can see and the lower half is not, but as of right now both have been primed, deglossed, sanded, primed (yes, again) and will be painted soon. Cannot wait of course to show the kitchen in all of her glory and beauty.
The bulletin board shown has been in the laundry room for about a year now, it wasn't really "used", I made it into something useful. The bulletin board is now a great place for the kids notes, schedules and art work and I had the tile guy put the hooks on the wall for me so the kids would have a place for their backpacks. I love the way it turned out and their backpacks now have a happy home, no more searching for backpacks...yippee!!

The kids wanted me to take a pic. of them next to their new "kid station".....they had been playing dress up (if you cannot tell..ha ha)...poor B girl was NOT happy with me for some reason.

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I almost forgot.......tell me what you think. I am REALLY really loving the way my kitchen (and the rest of the house) is coming together, but am toying with the idea of new countertops.
*I've priced granite slabs and granite tiles
*I've priced quartz, Corian and the like
*I've priced Formica laminate
and subway tiles for backsplash.......and other options for backsplash.
I'm thinking that I need/should go dark on the countertop since my cabinets will be white/cream. Tell me what you think, give me ideas......tell me what you LOVE or Hate.
Oh, yea.......sinks........I am loving the look of the granite composition sinks. Anyone have one? Love it, hate it?


The Soladay Family said...

I am so proud of you for painting the cabinets! Can't wait to see the end result!

What ever kind of sink you get, I highly suggest an undermounted one! It just makes cleaning it easier. As far the counter tops, granite is always a great tiles unless you want to deal with grout lines....and granite is great for resale! I would gogle white painted kitchen cabinet images and take a look at the combos you like! Hope this helps!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

They are so cute. Love the backpack hooks, they are handy. We have ours in the coat closet and I love that each of them have a place for a coat and their backpack, the mornings go smoother that way!

I don't know what to say with the countertop. Buy what you love! ~Michelle

Slim said...

This is looking good! I vote for granite. With the prices these days I think it's very reasonable and beautiful. I am a big fan of stainless sinks. not the cutest, but I have broken too many slippery glasses and dishes to trust myself with a hard surface sink.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how your cabinets look now that you've decided to paint them.

We had quartz installed in our old house (tried granite but the cabinets weren't level- was told granite on unlevel cabinets could crack). I really liked it. Our new house has granite and I like it too. So I think you can't go wrong with either.

morewineplease said...

Oh that is so cute! And sister is NOT happy!!! WOW!