Sunday, June 21, 2009

Estate Sale Finds--fun with metal

I went to an Estate sale a couple of weekends ago and here are my finds that I could not resist.
*I loved this metal trashcan and just knew that I could beautify it with some good ol' rust resistant spray paint. I am almost finished with it and the pictures are soon to come. I painted it black and am hoping to find a decent sized fleur de lis stencil to put on the front. This will go next to our back door coming into the kitchen and we'll throw our cans in here for recycling.
My first thought was to clean this up and paint it, but the more I looked at it I have decided to leave it be. I like the idea of the "weathered" and "used" look that it has.

This will sit on our back patio and hold flowers on top and we'll put gardening tools and accessories on the shelves inside.

LOVE this metal washtub!!!!!!!! My plans for this........ A flower tub to hold soil and FLOWERS to help with the patio ambiance. {I could buy flowers every day, you can never have too many.}
I paid $5 for each item, what a bargain.
Have a lovely Father's Day my friends!!!
Dad, if you are reading........I love you and am so glad that you came this weekend, the kids had a blast!!! Will see you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Those are some neat finds! You have great ideas for their use!

The Brown Box said...

Love the trash can--great idea!